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Wedding day

She takes the first step down the aisle
Her dress is made of white
We planned this day for a quite a while
And everything feels just right

A step closer to her future life
He watches her move towards him
Waiting for her to become his wife
Everything but her becomes dim

She is glowing like an angel
And he has a glow of his own
He'll keep composure if he's able
She takes her seat beside his thrown

All eyes are on us now
As the priest begins his speech
Our love for each other is how
Thiswhole day came within reach

The ceremony was done beautifully
We couldn't have asked for more
Our new roles we'll play dutifully
Loving each other forever more

And now the wedding day is done
With much to look forward to
Our life together has begun
Each day for us begins anew

Not too long ago, when we met
I had no idea what we'd be
We'll love each other always, I'd bet
And live together for eternity

-Mary Taylor

Copyright © Mary Taylor