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Little Pleasures

Pleasure is Cherry Blossoms blooming as elegant fragrance drift through the air.
Anticipating the first cup of hot chocolate on a cold spring morning
Sitting on a Park Bench and watching the exuberance of dogs chasing frisbees.
Of a Summer gentle wind caressing your face and through your hair.
A blue moon lit night dancing in rhythm from the ripples of the ocean.
Pleasure is watching a baby laugh with delight as your face is smeared with cheese.
Pleasure is watching your child for the first time when they are smothered in mud with smiles.
It is curling up on the couch in your spouse’s arms with a lovely wine, low lights and a romantic movie.
To belly laugh until it hurts at a joke from your friend or a loved one was told.
Pleasure is to share golden moments in time, remembering the beautiful life you have together.
It is walking down memory lane with your parents as their life’s story unfolds.
It is smelling the drifting fragrance of a steak sizzling on the barbeque.
It is the complete euphoric feeling when your brother Jesus makes you whole again.

Copyright © Dexter Greener