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Picture This

It was just a random picture
 captured by the eye of a camera,
some poor rendition
 of time and space in transition
and all the while within the eye
 gleamed a memory of you and I.

Was it summer, was it spring
 the world moving too fast to cling
to the moment and its pleasures,
 those reminiscent, effervescent treasures
gone too quickly, forgotten in time,
 yet here it is, the picture when you were mine.

But for the memory, the time has passed
 who would have thought that it could last,
so many years bound upon the ride
 when dreams and promises we'd confide
to possibilities of failure and success
 which of one gave their very best?

Was it you, was it me
 never questioning what was but could be,
accepting the days and years that go
 twisting, turning, rolling with the flow,
no sadness, no regrets, no tears,
 waiting on the best of the years 

Too often, experiences and goals are paid
 in the quickened pace of life's parade
but there it is - a picture clearly taken
 when you and I were together unshaken,
take me back in time once more
 picture this, your heart in mine forevermore.

Let the camera do its work again
 two lovers becoming friends
with eternity together well spent.

Copyright © DM Babbit