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Willa May and King Bear Krabby McMurple

She was a cute little girl with orange dancing shoes.
Those dancing shoes had rhinestone eyes that could schmooze.
Her name was Willa May, and she had a bear that was purple.
He begged her to name him King Bear Krabby McMurple.

Of course she did, because she was in charge of her bed.
Which is where he sat watching Willa May paint her doll red.
At night they would cuddle up and go into a deep fun sleep.
Dream adventures took them all over the world in a big yellow jeep.

They drove to Africa, Hawaii, the Atlantic Ocean, and Timbuktu.
They saw parrots in the jungle. One of them a brilliant azure blue.
They tasted Belgium chocolates when in Europe, so delicious too!
They travelled the world over and over in their hazy nightly hue.

Mommy and Daddy sometimes went them if they decided to let them in.
They went swimming with the dolphins, and the sharks loaned them a fin.
They loved their dreamy dreamtime, they took naps each Saturday.
The rest of the time, they hung together, skating, biking, and had bubble play.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger