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Girl, I don't have to know you
To see you in your rhymes 
It’s true I’ve never touched you
But I’ve felt you a thousand times
You’re a summer gypsy dancer
Who’s wild and smart and free
Yes, it’s you whose door I knock on
So will you open up to me

Some may say it’s infatuation
To have this moon angel on my mind
To get lost in those almond eyes
A sweeter soul I could not find
Your tender scent a positive energy
You light up the dark night sky
So when you see me at your door
You’ll never have to wonder why

I’m only here to seek your heart
Romance can find its way
God knows.. I’m not in a hurry
We can start with perhaps someday
Let me be with you while writing
I’ll pour the wine, sing you a song
And watch you make the magic
See if here.. we both belong

This is a dreamer’s invitation
The gambler’s hand.. all laid down
The guitar singer and his love lyrics
The moment’s here not messing ‘round
I’m at your door lovely island girl
Heart racing.. time stands still
Beautiful brilliance on the other side
Open up.. I pray you will

~Lyric Man

Note: Love at its best is bold and mysterious. The writer tries to capture both in this work!

Copyright © Lyric Man