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Death Is Wedding Night

(Dedicated this writing to the merciful birthday of the greatest love of the earth Mevlânâ  Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. 30th September is the auspicious birthday of this ever greatest spiritual icon.)

My Death is My Wedding Night- RUMI

In the unstructured body of the rosy sky
the love river is flowing to assuage the frantic heart

the stars of the west show the dance of Sufi
where the souls of east are rejuvenated 

You died before the earthly birth in the flute of love
where beloved gets rebirth to be enraptured 

No stain on this ground soil, no sin the elopement is 
where the thorns are rotten, the love is God

Who knew the ancient mystery of the love
where your all bookish knowledge were invalid

When the semen of your intoxicated devout wisdom
The master of soul offered you to birth lac of lovers

From that time still- the death of love is the wedding night
and the wedding night is the birth of eternal loving reunion 

-01.10.2020 Chattogram

Note: - 

Mevlânâ  Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, (September 30, 1207, Balkh, Afghanistan - December 17, 1273, Konya, Turkey ) also known as Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi and more popularly simply as Rumi, was a 13th-century Persian poet, faqih, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic originally from Greater Khorasan in Greater Iran. The Masnavi, or Masnavi-ye-Ma'navi, also written Mathnawi, or Mathnavi, is an extensive poem written in Persian by him