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I am a desert, barren and hot.
   Hoping for the rain, which I forgot.
Once I was green golden and bright.
   Nightingales singing night after night.
My fresh breeze at dawn was ever nice,
   showered me blossoms like paradise.
Year after year I dressed up in green.
   Green and reddish with white in between.
Until I became older than old,
   all I have now is, darkness and cold.
I lost all of my, glory and youth.
   Hope that death is not end or the truth.
I had so many kings that were tall,
   now I am filled with, filth that they crawl.
Tired of being a desert that’s old,
   thousands and thousands of years to be told.
Cyrus and Darius lived within me.
   Now I am barren how could it be?
I am now desert far from the sea;
   they burned my soul so no one can see.
Empty and lonely, thirsty and dry,
   hope for the rain, and generous sky.
Hope for someone to answer my cry,
   wash up my tears and don’t let me die.
I need a hero like the old times,
   come and washes me from all the crimes.
Come to me my love, my lovely rain,
   shower me with love, get rid of pain.
If you come back and shower me fine,
   promise I give you, I'll drink your wine.
For me rain is love, love is my life.
   to live without love is endless strife.
I want to become a jungle of love, 
   making love and be, free as a dove.
I am now dying, dying of thirst,
   hope for a drizzle, first thing is first.

1/29/20 Haloo

Note: Motherland is Iran the birthplace of civilizations; a country with thousands of years of history. In the past forty years, there is a great tension between the government of Iran and the United States. This tension has been escalated recently to the point of an imminent war between the two countries. The people in Iran are suffering, both from an authoritarian government from one side and sanction and pressure from the other side. This humble piece is written to give you the understanding that under a millimeter of our skins we’re all the same, the same people, the same humans, and humanities are the same regardless of religion, culture and geographical backgrounds.

Copyright © Pashang Salehi