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History Observes Love Leading Our Way

Fear of the moments ahead are not the easiest to hide
Skin wasn’t genetically created to keep emotions inside
As people we were born with the spirit and might
To preserve the beauty of our energy’s light
Something so simple and natural to feel 
Could have the extraordinary power to heal
But the people have been weak while the clocks spun the wheels
Our true meaning and purpose buried deep so tightly sealed
One by one, we regress our sole drive is wanting more
Insatiable craving of power
Send our sons to war
Where there used to water and life we replace with stores
This world is too noisy I can’t hear the magic from the anymore
I crave not a new life for me
But the ounce hope that this world can be
I wish my children to capture and send my memory
That this world somehow passed on its pure passion to me
To make it out of this self-destructive murder
Of what we truly used to be

Copyright © Meleaney Magofna