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Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters

Life forces us to grow up
Hardship makes us want more
Hard communication toughens souls
Mistakes are made no matter what

Mothers Love fondly
Daughters Love fonder
Both eyes at one time wondered
Anger sometimes hungered...


Painful memories made childhood real
Mother's Love made those pains heal
Time made a girl grow up
A Mother influenced a career choice

Step one of a career was accomplished
Thanks to letters from a Mother
Reuniting brought comfort
Tears flowed from a Daughter 

A Daughter had wished she'd listened
Cause now things are different 
She's far from a mother
And misses her through distance 

A Mother raised a daughter well
A Trial and Tribulation hell
Unforgettable wounds are healed
By unforgettable forgivable minds 

Daughter's tears are dried 
By Mother's who've also cried
A heart is at ease
Unconditional Love has been achieved. 

Dedication to A Mother. 
Every Day is Mothers Day.
Happy Mother's Day.
I Love You Mom. 

Copyright © Monia Kurtz