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Seventeen Seconds, Anywhere to a Silver Cloud

Running about the constellations,
with poetic ruminations.
Bouncing off planets gravity free
All I can romantically ponder.verily,
Is simply,you and me!
In a heavenly garden of our own.
With us both in wreaths of flowers
Inside an opalescent, shining tower.
Truly, I want no more than this,
To live in your impassioned kiss.

But when that hour comes and death
approaches, I entreat thee, love of
my days,
Save me from this human kingdom!
Our planet worried about animals and
plants, while they, their human-selves 
do happily destroy, a baby??

My love! I fear I will rot in a loveless
world with only ice cold faces.
Absent eyes and vacuous heads.
Sentences we spoke on the condemned
Too many words, ruination,
We never spoke in heiroglyphics!
Please bring me home to thee,
Where rivers of words overflow their
banks, amorously.
Oh, how I await  and desire thee!

Eternally your,

5:30am PST

Copyright © Panagiota Romios