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the 'Sonnet' i wasn't gonna finish bc it didn't live up to the 1st line

Remember when you were a fleeting thought?
Back when your smile was unremarkable?
Your ocean eyes not yet part of the plot?
Before your name caused that unconscious beam?

And now I let you go, you haunt my dreams.
I look far and wide to avoid your blue.
Each curve I touch I bend to the extremes.
I chuck my headphones to flee ragtime tunes.

And now I have a new one in your spot -
A hockey boy. No scintilla of you
Nor your song. He's cute and kind like he ought.
He even loves that game you never liked.

So... care to bring me up to speed with you?
Haha... forgot I am a ghost. What's new?

Copyright © Jasmine Trombone