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And the Beat Goes On

        Eight twenty-something women, life-long friends,
	met at a local restaurant for lunch.
	We occupied the party room and closed
	the door. We were a loud and lively bunch.

	We talked about the present—college, men,
	careers, and children. Then one of us asked,
	“Do y’all remember when . . . ? And so began
         a moving tribute to the past. We basked	

	in memories of childhood and recalled
	the drama, angst, and joys of high-school days.
	How wonderful it is to reminisce
	with kindred-spirit friends I love to praise!

	We still have get-togethers. There’s so much
	for sixty-something life-long friends to share.
	We talk about retirement, future plans,
	our kids and grandkids, health, and taking care

	of parents. Then—like forty years ago--
	somebody says, “Do y’all remember when . . .?"
	And so begins a tribute to us all.
	We’re much the same as we were way back then.

April 19, 2018, written for Emile Pinet's New Poems Only--2 Contest 
(topic, friendship)


Copyright © Janice Canerdy