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What goes around leaves town

When endless winter storms turn your mood cold
   When weary sun-less days test rugged men
When icy winds howl round you fearsome bold
   When power's down, you shiver in your den

Then optimists rush in with soothing words
   The fools! They say your blessings you should count
They're happy while they tell you what to do
   They preach, they leave -- your troubles only mount

Well, you'll hit back at them when summer comes
   When THEIR a/c gets old and then breaks down
While they are melting, drink some ice-cold rum
   Then tell them, 'Better pack up and leave town...'

But you won't do that; you are much too kind
   To share with them that dark place in your mind

                  'Sonnet - Lite'
               Iambic Pentameter

Copyright © Gershon Wolf