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The Oregon Dept of Education

In Oregon, they’ve gone too far
In terms of education,
Instructing teachers hoping to 
Prevent discrimination.

A course designed to tackle
Racial tendencies in math
States that “getting the right answer”
Sends kids on a toxic path.

Requiring the students to 
Display the work they’ve done
Reeks of “white supremacy culture,”
As the message has been spun.

Instructors will be told not to
Perpetuate the thought
That there are always answers,
Right or wrong, that must be sought.

Before this, sports in schools declared
No losers were allowed,
For “everyone’s a winner”
Made each student feel so proud.

But mathematics in that model
Doesn’t quite belong,
For adding 2 plus 2
And getting 5 is simply wrong!

Copyright © ilene bauer