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Long since stopped binge reading Bertrand Russell

I, (a bookish educated intelligent nerd,
albeit three score plus tres años)
constitutes a novel titled 
The Virgin's Lover
by Philippa Gregory
another writer from England. 

Not so much to boast
yours truly sunk trenchant figurative teeth
into material authored courtesy
aforementioned former renown British philosopher, 
logician, and social critic. 

As an academic, he worked 
in philosophy, mathematics, and logic.

Just to reiterate
quite a couple plus years ago, 
I plunged further into 
trying to comprehend
(and did study every last page
birthed from said storied academic)
erudite epistemological philosophication
courtesy said renown British polymath,
philosopher, logician, mathematician,
historian, writer, social critic,
political activist, and Nobel laureate.

Whew! His Hume among us treatise
A History of Western Philosophy Quite profound
gleaned material eyes surmised 
and into cerebral cortex his notions did drill
offering grist for intellectual mill
yours truly, a johnny come lately (me)
doth thirstily swill.

Though challenging material
to comprehend without shadow of doubt,
yours truly disciplines himself
to utter words out loud
in an effort accentuate, enunciate, inculcate...

No matter said storied author
among grateful dead fifty plus years,
I experience a communion
integrating esprit de corps
of one garden variety
beetle browed foo fighter (me)
linkedin courtesy immortality of soul.

Copyright © matthew harris