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Angels' April Refrains

The angels softly sing over the frosty grasses and
budding trees on newborn April's chilly morns,
the enrapturing beauty of delicate and resonate
songs of the old hymns,
proclaiming our King's providence,
as April musically sighs through the newly 
grown reeds.

Oh, the fourth month maiden of the year,
as our spring fever exhilarates our creative senses,
she courts us winter weary, as we dim our
hearths' fires,
reading romantic poetry neath a blooming
dogwood tree,
and of blushing from youth's first kiss,
as lovers drink full moon water from
blue Mason jars,
in April's showers of cherish,
apple blossoms falling, as if pink snow,
daffodils wave like flirtatious young women,
as downy lambs bleat contentedly,
children in their pastel Easter Sunday attire,
hear above the colorful tulip gardens ~
angels' April refrains.

Copyright © Regina Elliott