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I was fortunate to see him coach his first game
at that time I didn’t know
how fortunate I really was…34 years ago.

Watching his manner, his patience, his kindness, 
his calmness…his overall approach
I quickly learned this man…was much more than just a coach.

He was a teacher, a counselor a psychologist…
so many professions intertwined
He was a chauffeur, a motivational speaker
a reader of young minds.

Wearing all these hats I saw him coach my daughter, 
her children…(my grandchildren too)
I watched him coach for many years
I learned from his point of view 

I watched his teams win…they won often
I’m sure all his players are glad their paths have crossed
as he showed them how to be winners…even when they lost.

When they won, he praised their achievement.
When they lost he did the same.
Teaching them about the complexities of life
from a simple volleyball game

34 years ago I watched him coach his first game
but time moves on so fast
and yesterday…I found myself
watching him coach his last….

Sitting there I thought of all games I’ve watched him coach
all the time together we’ve traversed…
and I felt just as fortunate watching his last game
as I did watching his first.

Copyright © Jim Yerman