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Arriving home 
I’m all alone
And feeling rather low
For as I open up my door 
Feelings of loneliness 
Permeate my soul
All around me this and that
Though I don’t take it in
But wait now 
what on earth is that
Upon my ‘Welcome’ mat
A package from abroad
Sent from you 
To me with love 
All negativity gone
As I open up your package 
My soul begins to sing a song
For inside there is love 
Wrapped up inside a book
I open it so gently 
As I take the longest look
At such exquisite images 
Borne from your artistes eye
And as I read the words 
From your poetic quill
Turning each page slowly
Gives me a wondrous thrill
This darling little book 
From my newly found soul sister
Even though we’ve never met
I feel
that I 
already know her 
Was it from another life
Or on another planet
Did you have a different name
As angels sing 
we meet again...

Written 28th February 2020

Dedicated to a special friend…

Copyright © Ann Gilmour