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Quality time at home has turned into a nightmare.

Under the smile, I’m hiding the true panic for me, for my family, for my 
     community, for my world.

Are we ever going to leave the house, or will we just become an extension of 

Running around my mind are doubts, superstitions, anxieties.

And the tears, the never ending waterfall of tears that cascade down my face 
     every night. 

Nothing feels the same as it did 3 months ago; I was so happy, so free, so 

Time moves so slow, yet so fast, and I’m becoming unable to differentiate 
     between the days.

I’m finally by myself, and I’m peaceful, but only until the loneliness leaves me 
     too much time to think.

Not only am I struggling to stay home, but to stay calm, to even stay alive.

Everyone says it will end, but how do we know? 

Copyright © Isabella Clark