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The Thing About Banter

When nice I'm armed with wit and charm,
polite and calm yet sometimes barmy,
flick the alarm I'll hit and harm,
fight feet and arm a one man army.

I find meaning through metaphors,
am inclined to wish for miracles
daydreaming of immense rewards,
my dreams assign intense evils.

I naturally think deep, they say not too,
they say a lot about what I do,
I'm not maturing I see no need too,
I always laugh when I shouldn't do.

My sense of humour is not straightforward,
on occasion it'll leave brains tortured.

Like when someone changes their mind
and says "trust me I was wrong",
there's humour in those moments I find,
not worth explaining let's move along.

When people don't get the joke they laugh at me,
so my weird humour makes others happy.

They say I'm very easily amused
as they look down on me,
though the joke left them confused,
a mirrored view they see.

I don't think others brains entertain like mine,
can I point out I get the person changed their mind,
and I saw the humour because there was time,
if it's too much thinking let it go that's fine.

I don't set out to insult or be rude,
so if I do it's rebounded from you,
and you'll find the results cut through,
holding back's not something I do.

I've a creative head, so if you insult me be clever,
I respect intelligence,
insults recycled are dead, I give a cold shoulder,
to stupid mouths I take offence.

If it's not witty or funny it's just not banter,
so those petty dummies can fly away like Santa.

Some sense my humour and see an easy target,
their assumption out of being retarded.

Understanding banter or not ever getting it,
a revelation of an IQ deficit,
because it's not about hurt or inflicting pain,
it's about outthinking to entertain.

So when people miss the laugh and just see a fight,
it's because they're daft and their brain aint right.

And those people wont be reading this,
so ignore their anger when you banter,
really take the piss.

They are going through anger whilst you are banter,
and you'll find it funny as they have a tantrum.

Copyright © Nick Trim