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Is This Where We Are Heading

Employer: You’re fired!
Employee: Why?
Employer: Because you’re incompetent.
Employee: That’s not why. You are firing me because I’m black.
Employer: No, I am firing you because you lied about your experience and         your abilities and do not follow simple instructions.
Employee: Why don’t you just admit you’re a racist?
Employer: Because I’m not a racist - you were black when I hired you.
Employee: I bet you only hired me to fill some token quota and to feel good about yourself.
Employer: Again no, I hired you because you assured me you were qualified and able to do the job better than any other applicant. It was a merit based decision.
Employee: You’re not only a racist but a liar too. You can’t hide your cultural hatred.
Employer: I find your remarks offensive.
Employee: Ha! I am the one who is offended and oppressed by your white privilege.
Employer: Please clear out your desk and leave immediately.
Employee: Why? I am not your slave and you are not my master. I am free to come an go as I wish. I ain’t going anywhere.
Employer: You leave me no choice but to call the police.
Employee: Yes, go ahead, call your white racist police to bully and victimise me again but this ain’t over.
Employer:What do you mean this ain’t over?
Employee: I’m gonna sue your ungrateful white a$$.
Employer: Sue me! For what? For your incompetency?
Employee: For discrimination in the workplace and unlawful termination. I won’t be subjugated by you.
Employer: You were given repeated warnings about your substandard work and your attitude which you failed to comply with.
Employee: I’m not your property or chattel to do with as you please. Everything you own was built off the backs of people like me.
Employer: That’s nonsense. I spent a lifetime building this business with hard work and didn’t exploit anyone in doing so. What do you hope to gain?
Employee: I will sue you for long overdue reparations.
Employer: I won’t be paying you a dime. I am the boss and entitled to fire who I please. Who do you think you are?
Employee: I am the victim of institutional cultural racism.
Employer: I think you will find that the evidence does not support your position and any court proceedings would be costly and futile. You clearly breached the terms of your employment.
Employee: Evidence! Who needs evidence! I am a black person in Biden’s America and my court is the court of public opinion. I will drag your business and your reputation through the mud of trial by media so that they persecute you like you persecuted me. And you will lose and generously compensate me for the pain and suffering your white privilege has caused me.

Still want to fire me?

Copyright © Keith Trestrail