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Man isn't this scary?
"No" answered Larry, "Fee-fi-fo-fum"
Let the story begin,
how it has been carried out!
By men tied up in trees and cuff-links-
for those charmers in boxed formats,
the irony behind black cats and crawls,

Dogs chasing mice:
Cops losing disguises to hackers!
The Aliens have landed, 
Werewolves versus Martians:
Midnight party and all jamming 
Lights so bright, one might think they god!
Souls on the dance floor 
Giants as superior minors,
O that's funny goblins laughing- 
at their masters! Junior leagues and no Caesar,
"Head knocks and bangs"! 
heard by the clergy:
Roman men, denying proof-
 but accepting written stories.

Greek gods forming manuscript 
"Cameras lights and action"
The millennia: sculpted out of life and lessons, 
forming liberty the finest colossal,
The great tool called art,
Architectural site and it's complexity; 
Marcus explained the theory of relativity, 
But we all said "that's Einstein's"...!
Marcus replied "exactly"...

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