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02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem This Moment Free verse 0McGreavy, Maureen
02/19/2017 Why That Is Is Just Because Light Poetry 0Hauser , Mike
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem LUNA Rhyme 0White, Darren
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem - R I P - Free verse 30Smile, Sunshine
02/19/2017 The Mind's Time Capsule Haiku 0Olson, Richard
02/19/2017 My Oppressor and I Free verse 0Duvall, John
02/19/2017 Alone Couplet 2Pisani, Elena
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem I AM IMMORTAL Imagism 5Rodrigues, Kim
02/19/2017 For Lisa Rhyme 3OMara, Red
02/19/2017 From Here to Paradise Free verse 12Lindsey, Catie
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem Awaken Couplet 8Rose, Mystic
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem Awaken Rhyme 8Rose, Mystic
02/19/2017 TRUMP FOR THE JUMP Limerick 10Poet, Tranquil
02/19/2017 TRUMP FOR THE JUMP Free verse 10Poet, Tranquil
02/19/2017 Guardian Angels Haiku 9Kinch , Elizabeth
02/19/2017 Home Verse 16Kannan, Supraja
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem WELCOME TO CHINA - WE LOVE THE ENGLISH SOCCER Rhyme 4Ashton, Darryl
02/19/2017 The Barking Dog I do not know? 10Harris, STANLEY
02/19/2017 Guardian Angels Rhyme 9Kinch , Elizabeth
02/19/2017 PTSD PTSI Revisited Free verse 5Alexander, Gordon
02/19/2017 Love Story Rhyme 18Brule, Zack
02/19/2017 Bouquet Rhyme 11Jarvis, Felicia
02/19/2017 The gladiator Blank verse 0Onderisin, Gary
02/19/2017 Fell and Broke I do not know? 9ortiz, max
02/19/2017 Home Free verse 16Kannan, Supraja
02/19/2017 The gladiator Imagism 0Onderisin, Gary
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem Octopus Free verse 5Neumann, Kai Michael
02/19/2017 Love Story I do not know? 18Brule, Zack
02/19/2017 It's All True Quatrain 9Coy, Michael
02/19/2017 TRUMP FOR THE JUMP Quatrain 10Poet, Tranquil
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem Octopus Political Verse 5Neumann, Kai Michael
02/19/2017 It's All True Sonnet 9Coy, Michael
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem LUNA Free verse 0White, Darren
02/19/2017 Love Story ABC 18Brule, Zack
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem The Ride Iambic Pentameter 27Turner, Daniel
02/19/2017 No king at the throne Free verse 7Mubyana, Nasilele
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem INFecTioUs tASte Lyric 16ZiNk, Ir0nic
02/19/2017 The Abode of Wishes Free verse 9Raghava, Venkatesh
02/19/2017 AFRICA, THE RAPE BRIDE ABC 3Oloye, Olufemi
02/19/2017 Premium Member Poem Humility Verse 8Hamilton, John
02/19/2017 Leaving I do not know? 11Cochran, Rob
02/19/2017 Thoughts of Love Limerick 10cox, tammy
02/18/2017 GOD AND I Free verse 12Chika, Sylvia
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Preserved Limerick 3Schneiter, Paul
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Highway Verse 8Negron, Nayda Ivette
02/18/2017 Luscious Flower Free verse 17Villanueva, Angel
02/18/2017 A Dream Free verse 10Hamel, Trina
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem LUNA Narrative 0White, Darren
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem EPITOME Sonnet 12Enriquez, Leon
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Not Seeing Rhyme 7Chiri-Carroll, Brenda
02/18/2017 It's OK Rhyme 12Ritz, P L
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Ava's Mother, Once My Wife Sonnet 22Garcia, Phillip
02/18/2017 For The Fans Rhyme 6Vizcarrondo, Jaren
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Just a Little Bit of Sugar-'Sugar Slave' Rhyme 9Warrior, Winged
02/18/2017 Unwelcome guest Haiku 18jones, david
02/18/2017 Hailing-Pleiades Verse 9hoffman, cheryl
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Her Immortal Sadness Iambic Pentameter 13Delaney, Suzanne
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem INFecTioUs tASte Imagism 16ZiNk, Ir0nic
02/18/2017 A HUNDRED POEMS - XIX Free verse 8Robles, E.P.
02/18/2017 The Cabalist Free verse 11Anish, Matthew
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem His Nameless Horse Dramatic Verse 3Rigoler, Maurice
02/18/2017 I Do Love You So Lyric 21Williams, Sonnier
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem I Am Broken Free verse 92vaso, arthur
02/18/2017 Holistic Rhyme 6Williams, Bartholomew
02/18/2017 Conversation Free verse 12McCandless, Will
02/18/2017 Life is The Dead-End-Living I do not know? 11Anthony, Abed
02/18/2017 Conversation I do not know? 12McCandless, Will
02/18/2017 Conversation Ballad 12McCandless, Will
02/18/2017 I saw it all Blank verse 15Stewart, Jaymi
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Celebration Cake Rhyme 14Eldridge, Jack
02/18/2017 To say GoodBye I do not know? 12Savage, Amanda
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem WHAT IF Free verse 26Y., Alexis
02/18/2017 Fenced in Grief Iambic Pentameter 8Kramer, Morgan
02/18/2017 A Poet Is A Poet Rhyme 14niebrzydowski, bob
02/18/2017 Heard Each Word of Bird Haiku 9Horn, James
02/18/2017 Whoa Rhyme 6Pierce, Derriziel
02/18/2017 Cole Bitch Free verse 21Cole, Silent
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Be Careful What You Pray Free verse 14Jennings, Marilyn
02/18/2017 Heard Each Word of Bird Couplet 9Horn, James
02/18/2017 Scent Of A Rose Rhyme 40Sands, Heidi
02/18/2017 Is there any escape from noise Rhyme 21Foreman, Andrew
02/18/2017 if it's just lust Rhyme 9pachecho, connie
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Love is Immortal Italian Sonnet 37Parker, Frederic
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem You are my happiness Rhyme 45Seda, Melissa
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem INFecTioUs tASte Clerihew 16ZiNk, Ir0nic
02/18/2017 Let me hold you in my arms Bio 13Kaesberg, Eric
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem A Spring Romance Quatrain 61Dietrich, Andrea
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Don't Ask Rhyme 18Kendrick, Sara
02/18/2017 Friend I do not know? 12Pran, Ali
02/18/2017 Little Monsters Lyric 5Daniels, Rachel
02/18/2017 Moving on Rhyme 15craig, alainey
02/18/2017 Dear past me Dramatic monologue 31Stump, Tierra
02/18/2017 Little Monsters Sonnet 5Daniels, Rachel
02/18/2017 fragile and delicate Free verse 13Payne, Davin
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Humanity pleiades Verse 24Martin, Mark
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem Heartfelt Verse 20Parise, Rick
02/18/2017 1-930 Free verse 6Fikus, Da
02/18/2017 Premium Member Poem One Deep Thrust Rhyme 12Behm, Kurt Philip
02/18/2017 Portrait of a Lady Come to Life Free verse 12Lanier, Bo
02/18/2017 Cold Sea Haiku 15Chen, Jerry