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Oh, how we loathe those who drink,
Such sinners, such losers, they are!
But we think we certainly are far more than perfect?
As we drive high on pot, drugs and booze zooming our oh, so saintly cars?

We stamp their foreheads with big letters, "DOOMED"
Never realizing that praying to God, is the very least we can do.

It's tragic for all involved, the drinker, the family and all his friends, too.
They make him or her the evilest and of him as a human, they loathe and eschew.

Having no idea that lawyers, priests, writers, actors, teachers and children as young as thirteen.
At this very moment attending AA meetings, their desire to be clean and sober is astonishingly keen!
It's never to late to live!

Unless you know someone who has overcome this most daunting task.
You are doomed to think they are lost with their face in a glass.

Untrue, a lie, please have faith in the Lord for healing, on your knees be kneeling with some feeling?
Only Satan wants you to buy into the concept, that there is no room and no hope for healing.

Dedicated to the alcoholics who still suffer, their families and friends!

Love, Panagiota 
(Who lost her husband to alcohol at a young age.)

AA - for Alcoholics
Alanon- for famiiy and friends of alcoholics
Alateen- for teenagers with relatives or friends imbibing 
ACA- Adult Children of Alcoholics
GA- Gamblers Anonymous
OA- Overeaters Anonymous
SA- Sexual Addicts Anonymous

All information is online. Meetings, chat rooms and support. All free.
Take action for you....whether alcoholic or not.

In memory of my husband. Gone, but not forgotten!

Copyright © Panagiota Romios