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Ekphrasis on Beach in Pourville

from a distance, clouds gently float
like cotton candies of varied hues
from light pastels of lilac and cerulean
intermingling with silky azure skies

hazy colours mirrored on the sea
like the hues painted in your eyes
of  your gentle  glance
unaware of my presence~
like the sleepy shores
unaware, too of curling foams

halcyon hills in soft emerald 
blended in ivory and juniper
reminds me of the green grass
where we used to run 
barefooted and free~
unmindful of the seasons

1 March 2021

Notes:Beach in Pourville is a painting by French artist Claude Monet. It is one of an 1882 series of oil-on-canvas works by Monet in the small seaside resort of Pourville-sur-Mer, near Dieppe in northern France. (Photo and info credits to Wikipedia).

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