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If Christ were to return

If Christ in his triumph and glory
Decides to unravel a new chapter and story
By returning from whence he departed,
He shall in stupefaction be started,
To find out this wanton era
Has indeed,  bested Sodom and Gomorrah.

He shall stagger to behold
A frail and lackadaisical Bi Mvondo on hold,
Exorcising with his magical wand 
For still more dominion over the land.

He shall in horror watch 
Men courting men as women watch,
Holding hands and darting pecks,
wantonly on chests and necks.

He shall the Levites behold in dismay
Roaming Inns both home and away,
Presiding over unclad bodies with an exposed scrotum,
A duty, absent on their holy curriculum.

He shall wince at the sight of the brewery,
And gape at the sight of the Levites' golden crockery.
For which the masses residing in carnage
Have been plundered and pillaged.

Shuddering, He shall run back to His Father
And on his way, pen an apology letter, to Sodom and Gomorrah.
                           © Temajung Michael T.

Copyright © Temajung Michael Tanjang