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Defining Friendship

Does it mean we are friends if I mirror your thoughts,
That we like the same jokes, should our politics sing
A conventional melody?

Or on ground that's more shakey when boundaries slip,
When emotional dams burst, magnetic fields flip
As convection cells change, when my South becomes North
Or your North becomes South? Are we free men or slaves
To this pledge (we call pulchritude)?

Can you flagellate dreams, say they're Communist plots,
And expect friend won't wince when your lashes all sting
And your venom's my malady!

Are you living your faith when you say, "Black is white!"
That, "Abortion is murder!" You claim it's your right
Then to murder abortionists. Newborns have worth
That eclipses their mom's? Now it seems some enclaves
Think the mom's death's more platitude.

Graced to think what you will, I pray God gives you grace,
But get out of my face for no faith is divine
And I won't bow to perfidy!

God knows liars and fools hope to mitigate end!
When you judge, you're sin's voice, but you want to pretend
That you better serve God by imposing your will
On a girl or a wife (some with husbands and kids)
That the 'Right' judge man's property.

Let me fear that you're wrong but not judge and there's space
For a friendship to prosper! If I may opine
To you, this is God's remedy!

You're my brother in sin, let me love you in spite
Of your failings or mine, be a friend, a bright kite 
That floats over the fray, pledge my friendship until
My string breaks, I'm destroyed! Friend's ship skids
But survives man's frail infamy!

Long Tooth
February 24th in 2020

Copyright © Roof Missing