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The other Veterans

They take a position that very few see.
But every military man and woman must agree.
They occupy the most important role.
The guardian of the whole household.

When people go to combat, they are there too.
Nothing falls apart because they are the glue.
Displaying a strong front for the sake of the kids.
They set a great example in everything they did.

Some had to show calm when they got the call.
Explaining to the children mommy or daddy sacrificed all. 
Picking up a life after fallen honors have been shown.
They are left to forge ahead and in most cases all alone.

The support for the one who served has now faded away.
Yet they and their children must go on day after day.
I’ve seen wives so devoted laying by a veterans side.
Forsaking food for themselves just to be there when he died.

It was the wife that would call me daytime or at night.
To take care of their loved one, they’d put up a fight.
Some women old or frail barley able to walk on their own.
But would not dishonor the Vet by placing them in a home.

Some would contact me when their beloved Vet passed away.
And say they are suffering is there help for them today?
All across this country or even the world I don’t see.
A plaque or monument for the Vets wife and family.

America, don’t you think it’s about time for them to be honored too.
The American families that sacrificed for everyone of you.
Those gone on must look down with sad tears in their eyes.
Seeing we have honored them, while honor for their family  is denied.

Copyright © Kenneth Samples