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Without Him

This Romeo is bleeding
but you don't see his blood,
nor feel the pain throbbing through his heart.
Brandishing love like a saber
you slash your way through his dreams
gutting his hopes.
Oblivious of their cutting edge
your words wound his injured pride
and this Romeo bleeds
invisible, in the shadow of your disdain.
You steal his breath and his heart
and yet, to you, he doesn't exist
but as a moth attracted by your light.
Love metamorphoses into a smile
fluttering at the fringes of his happiness
until it’s swatted down and dies as a frown.
Unbeknownst to you
your soulmate's cries
get reduced to background noise, 
and you move on
without him.

(Free Verse)

Famous poetic lines 3 - Love songs Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Silent One
“This Romeo is bleeding, but you don't see his blood” - Bon Jovi - Always

Copyright © Emile Pinet