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36 years ago this day

It all happend 36 years ago today 
The date being april 24th of 1983 
Taking place on the highway 
Then quickly into eucalyptus tree 
The young man in a daze , walked away 
Opposite direction of the smashed up tree 
Walking directly onto the highway 
Getting hit by vehicles in lanes 1, 2 , and 3 
It saddens my heart to say 
From that moment on , 
He lived through memory 
The young mother to be 
Was suddenly
Awoken at approximately 3 
Collision occurred 30 mins before
So maybe you see
The young daddy to be 
Said his goodbyes to her and his baby 
He was only 17 about to graduate 
Unable to meet his daughter 
Before his fate 
Meeting eachother would have been great 
He had to go though , 
He was unable to wait 
Maybe he'll wait 
For her at heavens gate 
He died april 24th , she was born 
July 13th of 1983
He lived on through her and memories 
She will never know her daddy 
Like no one knows their fate 
This is the way things had to be 
According to gods plan 
She will have to wait 
All family and friends were devistated 
To learn of this tragedy 
So much sorrow and sadness it created 
Even worry and concern 
For young mother to be 
His parents arranged a funeral 
For their son now belated 
The church overfilled with family and friends
This pain will go away in time 
As the heart mends 
There was not a single dry eye 
Everyone asked the lord 
Why did he die 
Carrigan arrived and slowly filled 
The cemetery 
Pawbearers cried silently as they carried 
His casket to where hed be buried 
He said he wanted blue carnations 
When they get married 
Blue carnations lay on the casket 
The young men carried 
She wondered why he left her and his 
Baby she still carried 
She asked "why did you take him ?"
She asked why he died ? 
She asked god to take away 
The pain she felt inside 
She wondered if she'd see him again 
On the other side 
She was pregnant , left alone 
And horrified 
As the blue casket lowered 
All her feelings intensified 
Everyone bowed their heads 
As they cried 
So many lives changed the day he died 
It took a long time until all 
The tears had dried 
There wasn't a single dry eye 
For their loved one had to die 
As everyone said their final goodbye 
And heard his mother's painful cry 
She wanted to know why 
Her son so young had to die 
They all were burt and asked GOD why 
Or they wondered why 
The young father to be 
Was a popular guy 
And he was just too young to die 
He was gonna be a daddy 
Didnt deserve to die 
Hes gone away now , must cut that tie 
To be strong , they must try 
Hes got wings now and can fly 
Hes an angel now in the sky 
Watching from the heavens up high 
Over his baby he could not tell " bye "
Continued living through her 
Her birth took place that july

Copyright © Patricia Ruiz