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Understanding Yourself during the Time of Failure

Understanding yourself during failure is vital
If you are ever going to get up again
Often we need to train ourselves to understand 
That winter is only for a season and that summer cannot be stopped!

It is true you lost that round
But you still have the ground
You are standing on

Failure is the opportunity to begin again
Many forget that failure is simply there to teach
Us that the power of resurrection exists if
We really want to succeed the next time!

Don’t be too hard on yourself because
Life often deals certain blows in order to teach us
The importance of purpose and management!
Do not stress too much about something
You could not do at a certain time!
Your emotions must be dealt with
If ever you want a promotion in life! 

During the time of failure, your devotion to your gift is important
The reality of resurrection can only be achieved in the presence of failure!
Progression is yours but do you understand the existence of failure!
Do you understanding yourself during the time of failure

Mark Frank

Copyright 2003

Copyright © Mark Frank