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To High School Learners

In reality, that young man wasted his time
As a grade nine learner
He had no knowledge of his crime!
The wonder to live brought a passion for life
As his own success was seen by the foolishness of a common teen!			
As the years went by
This young man discovered
The hidden tears in his life!
His years reflected the past and 
The danger of wasting time at school revealed
His limited future!									
He then realized something that could maximize his life
The thought, ‘What you are tomorrow depends on what you do today’
Stayed with him for the rest of his life!						
This is what every teen should know because
Whoever wants to show ‘himself’ in the future must
Learn to use the day properly!

Guard yourself against yourself and 
Finish your work High School Learner

Mark Frank

Copyright 2018

Copyright © Mark Frank