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A Gifted Pig Named Polly

Pigs that swim the Caribbean aren't just silly rumors,
Polly is just such a pig, from the island of Exumas ...

Oh, Polly loves the water so, her family loves it, too,
Always tepid, crystal clear, and bright Bahamian blue.

It may seem quite unusual, for swine to EVER swim,
Stranger still, what Polly does as day is growing dim.

Tho' she loves the water, her favorite thing's the sky,
Yes, Polly has a special gift, as she knows how to FLY!

She tries to keep it quiet, not upstage her family's act,
For many are the tourists that swimming pigs attract.

She always waits until the sun is far 'neath the horizon,
A canopy of midnite stars is the sky that Polly flies in.

Her favorite time to fly is when the moon is full and pale,
The Caribbean breezes are what curl her piglet tail ...

Winging 'neath the Milky Way, riding moonbeams, bright,
Spinning with a loop-the-loop, doing pirouettes in-flight.

To dive and tickle wave-tops, make her hoof-trails glow,
Hop from cloud to puffy cloud - count islands far below.

Her family thinks she's "flighty", and rather out-of-hand
But any pig who doesn't fly, isn't apt to understand ...

She loves to be with family and friends upon the beach,
But Polly's home is with the sky, soaring reach-to-reach.

So, if you someday make that trip to Polly's native isle ...
Find a hammock, rest your feet, and watch the sky a while.

You may not catch her flying, very few have had the thrill,
But if you're patient and you're lucky, WHEN PIGS FLY ...

Perhaps you will!

Written and submitted on March 20, 2019
For the "Honoring Dr Seuss" Poetry Contest
Michelle Faulkner, Judge & Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden