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The Glory of His Reflection

No one is going to hell because of what they have done
Because all mankind fell we need the Father's only Son
For it is not obtained by deeds but is only by faith alone                              
All along Jesus pleads you'd see the Light He has shone

Without excuse you will be, all creation knows His Name
All of His creatures can see and yet there you are in shame
Opportunity at your beckoning but your heart gets in the way
It will never learn how to sing if it first doesn't learn how to pray

His Glory is so immense billions of angels fill Heaven with song
And somehow you got the sense that you could be as just strong
You know nothing but present your next breath you can't guarantee
But what I'm seeming to lamet is that Jesus had also set you free

He has put it upon your heart for that is where Joy will be found
Tell all satans ghouls to depart as You they can no longer bound
Call upon Jesus for protection, begin to repent in all of your ways
And in the Glory of His Reflection you will find Joy in all of your days

And Jesus said, "for I am the way the truth and the life
 no one comes to the Father but through me".

Copyright © Vincent Flannery