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Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
Five senses- finalized8/14/2018Viv Wigley
POETRY QUOTE OF THE MONTH August8/14/2018Brian Strand
Finished judging contest I WISH I HAD THE BALLS TO TELL THEM HOW I REALLY FELT8/13/2018Line Gauthier
She Walks in Beauty - A Favourite8/13/2018Savannah Brown
I’m a pigeon. Or perhaps I’m Morrissey.8/13/2018Nina Parmenter
Hot Blog Robert Lindley needs to know we wish him well 8/13/2018Emile Pinet
A SPIN OFF from Savannah's blog below8/13/2018Brian Strand
Six months now of pure happy.8/13/2018Caren Krutsinger
Haiku captcha contest UPDATE 8/13/2018harry horsman
Hot Blog Premier Contest vs Standard Contest8/12/2018Savannah Brown
POET OF THE MONTH August8/9/2018Brian Strand
DID YOU KNOW?8/9/2018Savannah Brown
Haiku captcha contest UPDATE Last chance8/9/2018harry horsman
TARANTELLA8/8/2018Savannah Brown
A poem For Your Journal8/7/2018Dear Heart a.k.a. Broken Wings
Haiku captcha contest8/7/2018harry horsman
Monday's contest finalized8/6/2018Tania Kitchin
READS LIKE MUSIC - haibun look8/5/2018Line Gauthier
Thank You Julia Ward8/5/2018Maureen McGreavy
POEM OF THE MONTH August8/5/2018Brian Strand
Summer Rispetto Judged8/4/2018Barry Stebbings
Contest reminder for : JOYS and TEARS of being AN EXPECTANT PARENT (mother-father) 8/3/2018Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser
Take Time to Check Entries8/3/2018Carolyn Devonshire
Sonnet or Hybronnet?8/1/2018Dale Gregory Cozart
andrew travis?8/1/2018sand blown
Limerick Rhyme and Syllable Scheme8/1/2018Carolyn Devonshire
MONTHLY MUSE August8/1/2018Brian Strand
Hot Blog Robert Haigh Best Wishes7/30/2018Paris-Maree Boreham
Water Aid7/30/2018Shadow Hamilton
In Love With Love7/30/2018The Name Forsakes Me
My Doberman Contest has been revamped!7/29/2018Edward Ibeh
Wala lang...have you ever tried this with your pets?7/29/2018kabuteng P.iNk k.
Summer Rispetto Contest7/29/2018Barry Stebbings
Hot Blog To all P.S. Bards 7/29/2018Mark Massey
First Contest!7/29/2018Nina Parmenter
The Oldest Profession7/29/2018The Name Forsakes Me
New Published PSoup Author7/28/2018Debbie Guzzi
Save the Children7/28/2018The Name Forsakes Me
A Poem NA'D In July7/27/2018Dear Heart a.k.a. Broken Wings
Elephantine Elf7/27/2018The Name Forsakes Me
Bird Themed Haiku finalizing7/27/2018Tania Kitchin
Scamming/fraud7/26/2018Heidi Sands
A POEM OF THE MONTH July7/26/2018Brian Strand
The End of Love7/26/2018The Name Forsakes Me
I Pronounce you Husband and Wife7/25/2018The Name Forsakes Me
Hot Blog My Absence 7/25/2018Laura Leiser
Favorite Poem Written in June 2018 7/24/2018Dear Heart a.k.a. Broken Wings
Thank you for your support.7/24/2018Caren Krutsinger
POETRY a quote for the month July7/24/2018Brian Strand