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These are the most-recent poetry blogs by poets on PoetrySoup. Read some of the most interesting poetry blogs, journals, articles and poetry notebooks on the internet. PoetrySoup Premium Members receive a blog page where they can promote themselves, or, a non-competing service or website. These poet bloggers write about their poems, poetry, life, or whatever strikes their fancy. Become a Premium Member and create a blog for sharing your writings, photos, videos and more. See also: Poetry Articles.

Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
Song Lyrics Contest2/17/2019craig cornish
Final Contest Update2/16/2019Carolyn Devonshire
Hot Blog Anybody else?2/16/2019Kim Rodrigues
Updated- 2-17-2019, An explanation about the next presentation of my famous poets dedication series, Part One now posted.2/16/2019Robert Lindley
2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 18 Has Been Finalized! The Mile 19 Contest Has Begun!2/16/2019Mark Toney
IMAGIST OF THE MONTH February2/16/2019Brian Strand
Kidster's Footloose2/15/2019Billy TheKidster
An Open Letter to My TROLL2/14/2019Leanne Lovejoy-Burton
LOVE POETRY February2/14/2019Brian Strand
Hot Blog George Gordon Byron "She Walks in Beauty"2/13/2019Eve Roper
Hot Blog To all My Gal Pals: Happy Galentine's Day2/13/2019Andrea Dietrich
2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 17 Has Been Finalized! The Mile 18 Contest Has Begun!2/13/2019Mark Toney
Capture That Emotion - Contest Finalised2/13/2019Nina Parmenter
Sapphic Contest Judged2/13/2019craig cornish
Native American Dance - Greek Style2/13/2019Billy TheKidster
Screwed XX Finalized2/12/2019rob carmack
Capture That Emotion Contest 2/12/2019Nina Parmenter
A Valentine Crystalline2/12/2019Kim Rodrigues
Enclosed rhyme contest!2/12/2019Emile Pinet
POETRY QUOTE FOR THE MONTH February 2/12/2019Brian Strand
New Poem - Every Saturday2/11/2019Noel Flater
PINK2/10/2019Carole Duet
Lyrics of The Heart - Published2/10/2019Angel L Villanueva
RECITATION February2/10/2019Brian Strand
Minister Elder of Communication/Counseling2/9/2019Julius Lawrence
Hope Contest - Points for Easter Series2/9/2019Carolyn Devonshire
Second blog on: Emily Dickinson is the sixth poet in my poet dedication series2/9/2019Robert Lindley
A working holiday2/9/2019Jim Slaughter
First blog- Emily Dickinson is the sixth poet in my poet dedication series,2/9/2019Robert Lindley
Premiere III - Open Finalized2/9/2019rob carmack
Hope Contest Update2/8/2019Carolyn Devonshire
Overlooked Beauty Contest finalized (finally) 2/7/2019Jesse Rowe
MUSE FOR THE MONTH February2/7/2019Brian Strand
2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 16 Has Been Finalized! The Mile 17 Contest Has Begun!2/6/2019Mark Toney
Things to do when there's nothing to do2/5/2019John lawless
10 lines 5 themes finalized- upcoming contest too2/5/2019Lu Loo
POETIC FORM OF THE MONTH February2/5/2019Brian Strand
Bio Form- Writing Challenge Finalized2/4/2019Dear Heart
Easter Pendant Point System/"My Place"Contest Results2/4/2019Carolyn Devonshire
Eight Word Anniversary Contest Clarification2/4/2019Michelle Faulkner
update on positive president trump contest2/4/2019Anthony Slausin
A Change Made So As To Not Omit Legendary Female Poets In My Famous Poets Dedication Series2/4/2019Robert Lindley
2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 15 Has Been Finalized! The Mile 16 Contest Has Begun!2/3/2019Mark Toney
Toastmasters Area Contest Winner2/3/2019Noel Flater
Check spelling and syllables tonight2/3/2019Carolyn Devonshire
POET OF THE MONTH February2/3/2019Brian Strand
Hot Blog Thanks to Contest Sponsors 2/2/2019Andrea Dietrich
Poet Standings -Halfway Point - 2019 Poetry Marathon2/2/2019Mark Toney
This Is A Brief Note To Any That May Care,another poem added to John Keat's dedication.2/2/2019Robert Lindley
2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 14 Has Been Finalized! The Mile 15 Contest Has Begun!2/1/2019Mark Toney