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The waters of faith

The critical tendency coming from the untruthful agitation of the mind,
while the disliking of our dislikes is the beginning to like all in kind.
Like the infant brings with it the air of the heaven and sensation in prime,
making feelings the force of life and death at the same time.
The devotion aroused gives all and ask for nothing,
so we can rise above facts and reality turn to healing touching.
Patients with endurance crowns goodness with beauty,
powerless, but the possessor of it, by duty.
What is rooted out in the quest of truth becomes ignorance,
then truth takes love in its own law as reference.
The seed of plurality begins life, while in the consciousness of unity,
it is life’s culmination all in one eternity.
The laws of nature regard no conventionality,
making righteousness the natural outcome of right thinking the ability.
Let those virtues dissolve in the waters of purity,
making that doctrine the fuel for divine maturity.
Belief is a conception, but faith is conviction,
establishing the politics in religion as addiction.
As the pursuit after the truth is more interesting,
than its attainment with no end of resting.
The liberty of faith is the only integrity,
making the impossible the current of all mystery. 

Copyright © Robert Rittel