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Faded Papers

As faded papers ride the breeze, 
the repo men light cigarettes
and moan about their salaries.
The demolition foreman sets

explosive where I once set plates.
As faded papers ride the breeze,
the council worker designates
exclusion zones, and oversees

photographers and dignitaries -
it’s quite the party atmosphere.
As faded papers ride the breeze,
a competition winner clears

her throat, she counts down - BANG! The bricks
come down, my world drops to its knees.
The clock of progress blithely ticks
as faded papers ride the breeze.

Sunday 16th Feb 2020

PS This was not written from personal experience thankfully. I’ll admit it - I was watching a TV drama! But actually it looks like this may become reality for quite a few people in the UK as the government plans a string compulsory purchases in order to update our rail network. Whatever the rights or wrongs of that, the sight of your home being bulldozed must be absolutely gut-wrenching. 

PPS Loving the quatern form right now! 

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