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Venus Heat

I held my arms out to her.    
Waiting for her to hug me.    
I miss you today. I whisper.    
Such a moment of jubilee.    

 I fair need to be on the charm of my dove.
She's in my heart forever.    
who can spy  Springs flow pure love   
She felt the warmth stream over.

The water flows by the scent of my flowers.         
How the body flows under jovial heaven?    
She reveres the shadow cower. 
And carries a little of the old leaven.  
The window blasts the spring breeze.    
The Parrot soaks my glass of bliss.    
The sip of divine grace appeases.    
She is upbeat to know my kiss. 

I did not realize the beginning. 
But agreed the plan was shrewd.    
In the end, I ran out of paper, querying.    
That’s a sound chain of deeds.  
  I have no place in any scenario.     
Why should we live in vain?    
 Who is impressed that the big profit is our embryo?
Who persuaded them that you're trusty, not a strain.    

Who claims women’s vision there's no delight in labor.     
This vicious principle was extended still further.    
I feel that I can't swim; in the sea of flavor.     
May the breeze prank with all the storms of fervor.    

Soothe the lips of the roses.     
Pacify the voice and bright guitar melodies     
With the charm of nectar doses.     
She said I was from winds, in the books of parodies.     

Not the background bust, all lines of affection.     
You crush me toward the edges of the stage.     
I remain in the strides of attention.    
I alter my words to see your sage.    

The contrast between realizing how to play words     
A dream weaved dramatic content for me.    
You are a princess, in my words. 
I cruise with your eyes; that’s the key.    

 You are my novice     
You are my present and my past.     
You lift my goodness.     
My sonnet is your name hast.     

Your energy will stay in my books.     
No cease to worry yet.     
Hide the blood shadows from your cheeks     
 The lines had a chance to thrust.    

Do not be shy.
 Do not be shy.

Copyright © Lasaad Tayeb