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Call for Manuscripts
Digested By the Dust
If the dead could speak from their graves, what would they tell us, the living, about their insights on life and longevity? In Digested by the Dust, the dead come alive and reveal details about their historic times in Whittier, California at the turn of the 20th Century, their private lives, successes and failures, their secret loves and fantasies, and finally, the circumstances of their unique deaths, all in extended epitaph form.

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Call for Manuscripts
Cold Soldier
Fiction/Ghost. By P.R. Deremer. Journey with Ruth as she discovers that true love has no bounds. Available on amazon or link below.

Beauty and Truth Beauty & Truth eBook: Dominic Middleton: Kindle Store

Something For Everyone
Poems of Nature, Enchantment, and Mystery. by Carol Mays and Suzanne Delaney. Paperback or Kindle version available. A large collection of beautiful and meaningful poetry, written over many years by Carol Mays and Suzanne Delaney. Working separately, these two poets discovered each other's work and decided to publish a book together. A short appendix includes song lyrics by Carol's husband, Gary Blanchard. ISBN Number: 9798613925445 Published March 30, 2020

Free E-Book
"Don't Let Books Become A Thing Of The Past." Read One Today For FREE. Free E-Book On Website. “HURT” is a collection of short stories and events about HURT. You are given a chance to learn from the different lessons. Ages 12 to 110. Some younger ages may learn from this book. The “Angel Tribute” Page Has Come From My Readers. "Please," Check Out:

East Of Seventh
Poems by Edmund Siejka. Ed scatters his memories up the front steps of his past when he lived on New York's East 7th St. Hear the hush, the whirling and the bellowing voices beyond the tenements. In the late 1960's the area was re branded as the East Village and Ed's journey continues as his poems mirror the youthful unrest, the spirit of artists and the wants of the young and restless. Published by Local Gems Press and available on Amazon, ISBN 9781503197091

Forgive me, it's my first
That being said, I am still proud to offer : ' Observations of a Warrior Poet ' - as my humble effort to put to words my thoughts, dreams, and fears that life has presented to me . It's available through the usual outlets ( Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. ) in both paper back and hard cover, and, of course, it's must reading for those poetry lovers, willing to put up with a novices work. Published by Fulton Books. Author: T. John Mattson

The'Thousand Scars'series
It's official! Book two of the 'Thousand Scars' series will be released on September 7th, 2017! For the first five days of book two's release I will be giving book one away for free! DON'T MISS OUT!!! BOOK ONE WILL BE FREE TO ALL FROM SEPT 7TH THROUGH SEPT 12TH 2017!!! DON'T MISS SHANE'S STORY!!! Check it all out and more at

Rise, with Healing . . .
In April, 2013, I published a collection of 33 short stories and 20 poems about my life as a Latter-day Saint (Mormon). The full title of the book is "Rise, with Healing in Our Wings: Extraordinary stories from the life of an ordinary Mormon." The book is on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites. It has received 11 five-star reviews on Amazon, 2 on B/N. To see the book on Amazon, enter the URL below, select "Books" under "All," and enter title into the box. Price: under $10 (+ S&H).

Andy the Man of God
God's Tiniest Missionaries Andy, The Man Of God is the 2nd book in a trilogy. Andy has become a true man of God and he has taken his place in the ministry that his father and mother began. The Lord is using him mightily in signs, miracles and wonders. ISBN-13: 978-1521165454 Available at $18.95

Vee Bdosa books
2 books Books written under my Scottish Clan name of Ron Arbuthnot, (aka Vee Bdosa) are available at Barnes and Noble, etc The 2 books are GOLD VAULT OF POETRY, written in Ft Knox Kentucky, and Ft Dix, New Jersey, and a simplified instructional how-to book on writing Sonnets, WRITING SONNETS FOR YOUR FRIENDS, SOUL MATES AND FOR CA$H.

Speaking Spiritually
Inspirational and Uplifting Poetry for Your Daily Living! "Sincerely Speaking Spiritually" will open doors to God's revelations for a “breakthrough in your life.” It instills: 1. Taking the high roads, not the low. 2. Changing your negatives to positives. 3. Drinking from your overflowing cup. 4. Being a victor, not a victim. Get your copy today. It’s also an excellent gift inspiring others in their faith. Dr. Amb. Prof. Joseph S. Spence, Sr. USA. (Epulaeryu Master)!

Return to an Island
Recently self-published Blurb book. A compilation of poetry and photography, with a wide variety of subject matter and style. some serious, some light-hearted. 80 pages, with 40 poems and 40 images. View via the website www. or the Blurb website :- Return to an Island and other poems by Peter Rees Comments welcome.

Food For Thought
Click on the link below to purchase my first book containing a collection of 25 of my poems and writings.

Quill 2 Ink 2 Paper
My first collection of poetry. Subject varies from humour to reflection on society and social issues. Ideal for birthday gifts priced at only£2.75 GBP. Available from Amazon Also check out my website When I Was Young

Talking to One's Muse
"Conversations with My Muse," by Gary Bateman, a Lifetime Premium PoetrySoup member, is a new exciting book of selected poetry advertised at the following weblink -- The book is available now worldwide and at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other book vendors. A Great book and a great buy!!

The new, full version of my book LARGE PRINT LOVE POETRY has been approved and is now on sale at, and other on line book sellers. It is the poetry that was awarded the EDITOR'S CHOICE award when printed for the first time, and is now in the 9th printing. Just go to or and search for "Vee Bdosa."

Publish your book...
If you are wanting to take the next step? Well I did and see what happened: Runner, Paladin, Armilander, The Last Dance Skywriting Redneck Mustard Seeds Wild Arugalas Broken Branches Independent Zebra Books by A. Foster, Family-friendly stories. Free E-Book Downloads. A Joyful noise lovingly, written down. Thank you.

The Brooklyn Sunflower
The Brooklyn Sunflower is a published debut book of poetry by author Patrick Edward Tarpey. available at amazon and barnes&noble follow on Instagram at thebrooklynsunflower

My latest 3rd edition of nature poetry is now available for purchase at Amazon titled, A Walk Through Nature With Heidi Sands. My previous nature poetry books available at Amazon are : One With Nature In New Hampshire and Dreams With Nature. These are filled with peaceful , scenic nature poems for relaxing reading. I hope you will consider a purchase. Enjoy! Feel free to visit my creative website at Thank you! Heidi Sands

Bellamy the Bumblebee
Check out my new children’s release, Bellamy the Bumblebee This must be how Pinocchio felt when he became a real boy! Many thanks to Poetry Soup members for encouraging me on to seek the light of secret dreams!

Greeting the Seasons
POEMS FOR THE HOLIDAYS In these poems, Rita Simmonds breathes fresh new life into the Christmas narrative and more. Reverent yet reinvigorating, delightful yet profound, personal yet universal, these poems draw us anew into our own relation to the Infant Birth, to the Star we seek to follow, to holiday traditions, even to the trees that we adorn at Christmas yet have a life of their own year round. GREETING THE SEASONS is a gift for us all. ~Peggy Rosenthal, author of THE POETS' JESUS

TIDES-Life's Ebb and Flow
Published in July 2014, my book "TIDES: Poems - Life's Ebb and Flow" has been on sale with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other booksellers in the USA and abroad. These poems embody a theme that, like the tides of the ocean, life is made up of opposing forces--ebbs and flows, ups and downs, highs and lows. Available in paperback and Kindle format. ISBN: 9781500286787 Sandra M. Haight

Ensalada Mixta
This is a glimpse of Spain through the eyes of a visitor. It is a personal snapshot of things the author has observed and remembered. It includes many Spanish experiences of the author and his wife as they wandered around that vast country. The author explains that a long association with Spain colours one’s outlook, perspective and thinking. Ensalada Mixta is a collection of verse, prose and illustrations which form the author’s colourful reflections of a fascinating country and its people.

Short Stories & Theology
My books "Ashes on the Snow" (Short Stories) and "A Sensible Theology for Thinking People" (Practical Theology) are available on Or, you can order through your local bookstore.

Angst & Anger
My first poetry anthology, Inexhaustible Life of Chaos:. Angst & Anger drops on Amazon on January 1st, 2021! The first book in a 5 book series, Angst & Anger deals with themes of sorrow, lost love, anger and rage. Angst & Anger contains both rhyming and free-verse forms of poetry. I like to play with different elements within my poetry. Preview my book at The book is modestly priced at just $10 bucks! Coming in April:. Love & Lust!

The Soul Talkers is all about the saga and events created by some contemporary london-base campus students surrounding a poetry contest called "the Soul Talkers". You'll be at the edge of your seat from page one till the end and the intrigue is so enormous and adrenaline stimulating. The creativity in combining drama, campus Life, Football and poetry all in one story makes it unique, overwhelming and beyond words. Get a copy as soon as you can!

Your one of the greatest
Being a Poet, I would like to tell you in a poem Verse. A new book has been written for all those who love to collect and have fine books of artworks. This will uplift your mind, spirit and soul. 46 of selected finely crafted word art refined. The enjoyment of each and every write is assured. A Book of Life, Spirituality, Nature, Science and is Biblical also. Book of poetry is called, You are one of the Greatest. Purchase it at Amazon By, author, Ronald A. Williams.

BOOK 1 GIVE ME A SECOND FOR $2.00 COPY LINK IN BROWSER 📷:) $2.00 AND download your book - JUSTICE FOR INJURED WORKERS Have a great life and mind journey 📷:) Love and hugs Giggles the Poet

Book Release
A book containing many of my significant poems, has been published of late. I love to write poetry in metered verse, and I have written a long poem in Iambic blank verse, called 'The Tentation of Hadrian'. It is a historical fiction, although written in the form of poetry. I wrote shorter poems too, to wit, sonnets and pastoral poems on love and personal experiences.

Rhapsody of Poems
Rhapsody of Poems Paperback This book contains a variety of poems, in the forms of Free Verse, Rhyme, Abecedarian, Quatrain, and others. Everything within this book is suitable for all ages to read. Collection of Poems on Poetry Soup;

Five Poesy Books
My five poetry books: [1] Eclectic Discernment (2017); [2] Listen Small (2018); [3] Pillow Talk Soliloquy (2019); [4] Sound the Depth (2020); Modest Lines (2021) These offerings reflect a journey many of us have taken and, perhaps, you will discover a place to cherish, relive, or from which to recover. Each book, by W. Kingston, presents circa 150 pieces. Blessed Be.

The Crown of Inspiration
David's 3rd collection is a forceful offering - many of the poems are award-winning, and all of them show a recipe for unpacking the complicated and inspiring world we find ourselves in today. His past books have been described as "full of zingers," and that remains true in this remarkable installment.

Midnight Songs
The Midnight Songs of a Lady Baltimore is a collection of poems with accompanying photographs. The theme of the book is Baltimore City life and characters but it focuses on many things: baby boomers, love, age, history, philosophy and African American culture. It may be purchased on and Kindle. The author is Janis Medders Thompson, a Poetry Soup member.

Magic Bagpipes
Buy an exciting new children's book, entitled "Magic Bagpipes and the Five Jelly Tykes. Its a wonderful story of adventure, history, and fun. A fairy tale rhyme about a small girl who finds some magic bagpipes. She travels back in time with her siblings and cousins to help a King save his Kingdom. Great for parents or grandparents to read to their little ones.

Poetry books by Marilene Evans LOVE AND CELEBRATE YOU published in May, 2019. A book of poems to uplift oneself. Available at:;; THAT THING CALLED LIFE, published in November, 2020. A collection of poems about you, family and social issues. Available at:

If you would like to read inspirational poetic affirmations for mindfulness and living in the moment: My book: Hope Poetry/positive affirmations is available to buy at the Amazon Kindle Store. *It is also now available in paperback, extended with additional poems. It is contains insightful, encouraging poetry for easy reading to return to daily. Also feel free to visit my website at Thank you! Heidi Sands

Halloween Horror II
I(Russell Sivey) have finished with a book of all my Halloween poems that you have seen within PoetrySoup! My second book comes in different forms. They are an 8X10 hardcover, and 8X6 hardcover(best one, one with flames on the cover), and an 8X10 softcover(which is the cheapest). I know that they are expensive, but the hardcovers are worth the money. Go to, then in the search box search for Halloween Horror II. There you go.

Voiceless Quill
Pandemic, politics, addictions, and God. The poetry of J Hirtle knows no bounds. With brevity, eloquence, cutting words, conversations with God and the voice of Opium, the author’s collection of more than fifty poems, will move the heart and the soul of the reader bringing a voice to The Voiceless Quill.

Silver Springtime
Poetry Soup member Cecelia Hopkins has published a novel entitled "Silver Springtime". The story covers one very significant year in the life of a young female by the name of Stephanie Lowood. The action is set in an imaginary alternate university in south-east Queensland (Australia). It is written in a realistic manner, and while it is not sensationalised, the book deals with issues regarding healthy choices, relationship violence and even teen suicide.

Point to Counterpoint
Looking for special occasion gifts? Holiday celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding parties, or just to say: ‘I love you’. Superlative praise for this book of poetic reflections on life, love and passion. A journey from birth to death and points in between. A story of love reawakened between university sweethearts from 50 years ago. Available from bookstores and online retailers. Discounts for orders from author of 5 or more SC copies shipped within Canada.

The Pool
A fast paced fiction thriller, set in the small town of Dawson,Georgia pulls you in. Unpredictable and captivating, the story weaves supernatural events with the Watcher's desire to save their daughter Alba.

Fragmented Feelings
Emile J. Pinet's new book out on Amazon titled "Emile J. Pinet's Fragmented Feelings", is a collection of heartfelt poems that touch on pain, fear, love and social issues. It is a poetic reminder that dreams are an essential part of life and no less important than reality. His use of simple words conveys strong emotions as he dissects life for messages of hope, love and despair.

So much has been focused on relationships that little or nothing is emphasized about Love. You need not go out with 50 ladies before you learn how to love one. This book places all its emphasis on Love as described by the Bible which is applicable to all forms of relationships be it blood, romantic or friendship. "Agape is the greatest, but friendship is the most needed". Get a copy and see how extremely and wonderfully practical it would be in your relationships.

Dark poetry books
Darkly Divine Vol 1 and 2 by Lisa Cooper available for sale on Amazon *Dark poetry

The Jesus Puzzle
A short book on how the Old Testament Covenants lead to Jesus the final Covenant. It is written in rhyming form with references to Bible verses and time periods. The words in italics are pieces of the puzzle leading to Jesus. See if you can put the puzzle together and come to the same conclusion. Can be found on Youtube or Amazon. Just search Shirley Rebstock and it should come up. Also, at Barnes and Noble.

Looking for a Good Read?
Click on banners and links for the books that interest you at Barrel of Books. You'll find all our prices to be affordable. Pick from our wide selection. All major credit cards and Paypal are accepted for safe and secure transactions. To start browsing, just click on the URL shown below, or copy paste it into your browser window.

Novels on
The novels of CS Parker “Green 18” a series about bandits first book. “Cosmic” and “Cosmic: Alpha Project” part one and two in the series that follows the richest and most important man in the coming space age and “Edge of the Undead” the first book in the series about vampires werewolves and zombies more of each of these series coming fall 2017 to winter or spring of 2018.

Food For Thought - Audio
The audio version of my book of poetry, Food for Thought is now available on Audible. Click on the link below to listen to a sample.

A New England Journey
My new book "In This New England" is a poetic journey exploring the history, people, places, the iconic foods and my personal reflections of this very special part of the world. Illustrated with photos and featuring a "Reader's Compendium" sharing my thoughts on the poems, their meanings and origins. A thoughtful armchair travel through the past and present.

Anthony the Author
Greetings from Anthony the Author- Proud to present to the Public,the Second Printing of "Human Expressions 2019." As the title implies, it refers to Human Beings and their emotional ride(s) in life that are expressed through poetry. Greetings from Anthony the Author-"Let's go on a sentimental Journey." Let's travel back in time and remember what our ancestors told us what to do in life during times of trouble and turmoil.

Nursery Rhymes & Stories
"Nursery Rhymes & Stories from Poets Around the World The book contains a variety of Nursery Rhymes and short stories for young children. Poets are exceptionally creative talented people who come from around the world; that provide deep and meaningful inspiring encouragement.

Pieces of You and Me
Poetry by Tina Nicole Williams Pieces of You and Me are snapshot writings, in poetic verse, of my encounters with love. This book is solely about the journey of a heart in love and the longing, joy and passion that fuels its devotion. Available on Amazon (Kindle & Paperback)

My website -BOOKS & VERSE
Check out my diverse portfolio of books + 4 new audio-CDs of traditional verse offering - "Something For Everyone". Be My Guest Here…with winds phonetical, I’ll fill your hungry sails to carry you discreetly on a thought provoking trip. Ports of call will vary from familiar to enlightening - so slip into a quite place and climb aboard my ship. See several samples on Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube. On YouTube, search- Mark Stellinga Poetry

Permaculture Opera
This is a collection of prose poetry with strong ecological and theological and psychological and political and not so awfully economical themes. All 33 pieces are available in Gerald Dillenbeck's poetrysoup postings, but if you just must have a paperback version to make your Climate Health day, and your Sacred Ecology way, then you can find it on $7.25 for the paperback, $5.00 for Kindle.

Majestic Colors
The Spirituality in Nature is examined through a colorful lens. A Sunrise inspires! A Sunset astounds! The ruby color of the cardinal is still in flight with us in the snow. The flush of garden scents enchants. Spring boasts of its budding charm! Autumn is a Harvest palette of painted acrylic skies and roasted hickory, buttercup hues; flaming deep rubicund leaves. Life is in Bloom!

New & Selected Poems
"An original voice." --W.S. Merwin "Ronnow puts some meaning back into the term 'experimental'. . .a poet who is both idiosyncratic and based in the best elements of a literary tradition." --Lewis Turco "Very rich reading." --Naomi Shihab Nye

A Pocket Full of Sheep
My first book dedicated to a small inflatable sheep

Without Me, Without You
Without Me, Without You A Collection Of Poems by Malabika Ray Choudhury A Reader's Comment: Beautifully Vivid and delightful Verses! Malabika's gift with words can be compared to an artist expressing beauty and feelings on canvas with paint and brush. Verses I can read in mid-winter and feel Spring in my heart.

5 Unique Books
5 Unique Books The Reader Will Personalize. Ages 2 to 110. The "Angel Tribute" Page has come from my readers. Great For Gifts. What Price Can You Put On A Keepsake Book? It Is Priceless.

New Book Wistful Thoughts
My 2nd book will be available to buy on Monday 8th June. It is called Wistful Thoughts and has over 120 poems in it. It will be available both on line or through bookshops both as a book or e-book it will also be available via Amazon.

Lovely Dregs
My new book, "Lovely Dregs" is now available from Atmosphere Press.

Poems About Parking
Christopher Allen's first collection of poetry focuses on fatherhood, odd people in cafes and parallel parking. You'll also find references to certain aspects of life such as love, death, Wrestlemania and Alfred the Butler. It is a journey one should at least try.

New Book of Poetry
Gary Bateman, a Life-Time Premium Member of Poetry Soup just finished his first book of selected poetry entitled: "Conversations with My Muse." This new book of eclectic, multi-thematic poetry by Mr. Bateman is available now for ordering from,, Barnes &, and directly from the Publisher at See Website Link:

NEW 2017 on
2017 eBooks by CSParker Available for kindle on Poetry (50 poems 5.99) 2000-2001 2014 2017 vol 1-19 Addiction Book 10 BOSTON STRONG But not forgotten Early Landscape photography Memo Off the Booze On combining Prayers n Poetry Pre 97 Seasons in Bridgton Maine U Inspired at Adam’s Pond Short Story (10 stories) 7.99 Sky Unseen Early Work Into The Unknown

a sixth collection by poet Rosemarie Rowley. Sonnets on Shakespeare's heroines - girls of the globe Sonnets and free form poems on our environment further information please email me: $l5 inc. post and packaging

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ZO Magazine POETRY & PHOTOGRAPHY EXPOSÉ now accepting submissions of Poetry and Photography from September 15 to November 15, 2016. Creative entries should be based on the theme "I Am Multitudes" or the art muse we are using at the link below. Anyone over 18 from anywhere in the world may submit ONE FREE ENTRY of Poetry or Photography. Must be appropriate for general audience and in English. Awards totaling $2,775 will be made. Author retains copyright to material.

NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2019 POETRY CONTEST This year's theme is "Something to Start From" Guest Judge: Author, poet, teacher Paul Mariani To learn more:

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Call for Manuscripts
Cool Poem Links
Daniel Schack is honest enough. He is a poet who talks about the real world in funny and serious ways. For collaborations, please contact him at:

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Ghost Editor Available
Make your verse truly poetic!!! Tired of your talents not being recognized? Become the poet you admire. Email me at I will help you get to the next step.

Poetry in motion
Big ship on ocean need no promotion;Check out Gospel poetry in song..."I'm going home." ....

Caesura Poetry Workshop
Caesura Poetry Workshop supports, inspires, & educates poets through affordable Zoom workshops hosted by award-winning poet John Sibley Williams. Includes poem analysis, group discussion, writing prompts, & writing time. Upcoming classes: Mastering Blackout, Erasure, & Redacted Poetry (Feb. 24, 1:30-4pm PT) and Making Art from Art: Mastering Ekphrastic Poetry (March 20, 1-4pm PT). 1-1 workshops, coaching, and manuscript critiques also available. To register, email

Buy a Handwritten Copy
You are now able to purchase a handwritten copy of any of my works! The work will be handwritten to order, and shipped out within 48 hours. They make great cards for any holiday, or special occasion in your life, depending on your mood, or the mood of the recipient. Quality gift, or collectible for any serious poet. Check out the Etsy link, and read the description for details! THANKS! =]

WEBINAR ON FENG SHUI.....SOME great information and free stuff.....pass it on.....we can all learn how to heal our energy and make our environment that much more livable:) PASS IT ON love and hugs Giggles the Poet

People's Bourbon Review
The People's Bourbon Review is home to the latest bourbon, rye, and whiskey reviews and ratings. Read articles and tasting notes by enthusiasts and distilleries. Find similar bourbons and research information on American whiskeys. Please contribute to our community.

Online Poetry Course
POETRY APPRECIATION AND ANALYSIS SKILLS COURSE. Designed especially for: Year 11 students preparing for Year 12, Year 12 Students wanting to improve their grades, or First Year University students who want to be able to write better essays about literature. *Can be completed online through OpenLearning * Extra coaching by facilitator available by arrangement * Assistance will be provided for English Additional Language students

Call for Stories - PAID!
TMI Project announces a national call for storytellers for Stories for Choice. Stories for Choice uses radically true stories — stories that include the TMI parts we usually keep to ourselves — to ignite human connection, challenge the status quo, and inspire storytellers and listeners alike to take action for true reproductive justice. Applications for storytellers are due by September 15. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a $500 stipend.

Hire Skilled Writers
Hire fantastic English language writers, editors, proofreaders, ghostwriters, and SEO experts to write or review articles, books, scripts, or other content for writing projects. Manage your project correspondence in one location.

PoArtry fine art project
Photography and Pooretry, both mine...both with my apologies. Available for commission and placement in gallery’s and gallery-like spaces. Please have a gander and connect on my Facebook page:

Script Writer Wanted
Looking for a film script writer collaboration to make it into a film with a view to submit for consideration for t.v. series...the book contains a few central characters each with a story, then they all wind together at the end. Set in jaipur in India, wrote in english and the theme is about how one spontaneous act of kindness can create an energy of healing and change. Please look at my short story submission THE GODDESS on soup. interested people please message me on soup. thank you

Turn your Poetry into Son
Your Poetry=A Hit Song? Wouldn't it be fantastic to adapt your vwrse6into a song? Thousands of artists are doing just that, why not you? Let me put your poems to music. Email me at And let's make it so.

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My debut poetry book is available on Amazon. Your support is much appreciated. Please share your views/comments...Thank You.

Something For Everyone CD
Please consider one, or all 4, of my new 4 1/2 hour long (62 poems - MP3s) audio-CDs today by visiting my author's website (below), or by searching - Mark Stellinga Poetry on ebay and/or on Youtube. I've also posted a few samples of my traditional verse on Facebook and Twitter. email =

My book
You can order an e-book version of my book through my website. If you would like a physical copy please soup mail me. The book title is DUMMY Hurtful and Healing Words. The book deals with the power of language and how it can impact us both for good and harm. The book is currently in second print and has been well received. You can also google the title on line. Take care Richard Lamoureux

Funny Fishing Story
My new book publication release for the young and young at heart is called: "Billy Amigo & Lil' Willy Wiggle." Funny Illustrated Fishing Story! Check it out! With the year 2020 coming to its end, Lawrence has been busy working on his short story illustrated rhyme books and should have at least 3 short story books published through Amazon's KDP by the end of December. Stay tuned for "The Haunted House, Bubba Rouse & The Halloween Mouse." & "The Mule In The Marijuana Patch." Have a great day!

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This syllable counter uses a combination of a 240,364 word U.S. English syllable count dictionary and a syllable counter algorithm. is designed to count syllables in large amounts of text. If a word is not found in our dictionary, the algorithm kicks in.

Dan's World
Please enjoy my site on Tumblr which shows some of my poetry, other writings and artworks. I have what I think are honest, progressive and socially responsible works. Please look at everything before judging.

Books By A.Foster
Free E-Books All the time... Ever thought of writing a book? Want to talk to a real writer... We raise each other up. Ann Foster Family fun stories.

Poetry Community
Poetry community is a modern site for publishing poetry and brief fiction online. The site is optimised for fast and easy-to-read display on mobile devices. We welcome new poets to join the community and publish here. Large high quality images can be added to your poems .

Stateless Homeless Page

Lyric Videos for Poetry
I will help you gain more fans by creating visually stimulating lyric videos that make people engage more with your poetry. I have affordable prices and top quality videos.

Poem Snap - Short Poems
Poem Snap provides a simple and easy way to post short form poems in a 'no-nonsense' format that includes images and notes. The poems are listed in a 'Forum' format. The short forms include: Haiku, Senryu, Limerick, Epigram, Tanka, Cinquain and many, many others. Users can also post short free verse and rhyme verse in various formats (less than 25 lines), short articles and blogs. It is free to join, very easy to use. New members are WELCOME.

Works by Robert Stoner Jr
Robert Gene Stoner Jr I would like to offer a visit to for a selection of books now available, children's tales, collections of poetic introspection, and veterans service. Books, audio readings and the link to my Facebook Poetry Page where every Sunday a poem is offered to my ever expanding group of followers. You will find video reviews of each book available and links to the Book Patch for easy shopping and delivery.

Funny Poems for Life
Check out these funny and hilarious poems that will make you laugh and make you smile. These are some of the best verses on the web full of humor.

Jesus Christ Visitation: Also: Jesus Christ the Messiah Visitation: Nature and Bible Poems “Jesus Christ, the Messiah Visitation: True Story”: a testimonial inspired by the author’s visit with the Lord. “Jesus Christ, the Messiah Visitation: True Story” and inspired poems, is the creation of published author, Ronald Williams.

Forever Temporary Album
My music is a mix of EDM, Hip Hop, K-Pop, and Electronica with a melancholy twist to it. It has a worldly, soulful pulse with melodic, emotional, yet energetic vibes. I've been making music for about 7 years now. I grew up listening to that Motown sound, hip hop, rock and roll, and country. I make emotional, vibrant and eclectic type organic beats. I use cleared samples, homemade samples, and original sounds to make my music.

My Generation
A poem by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Freelance Writer Website
Learn more about Freelance Writer Julia A. Keirns. Read her poetry, stories, articles and more at

Poetry Accident - YouTube
Poetry Accident is a YouTube page featuring original poetry spoken word videos. A poem is written for every day, with works going back to September of 2014. YouTube features the poems written since the beginning of 2019.

Love Poems and Poets
Everything you need to know about love poems and love poets is here such as; how to write a love poem, famous love poets, and examples of love poems, etc. So, please read, enjoy, and share these love poems, famous love poems, famous love poets, love poems by category, poems for her, poems for him and short poems, etc.

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Heartfelt Poems for Loss
Poetry is a popular way of personalizing a funeral. After the death of someone so close to you, you may lack works to show how you have felt the loss. A poem enables a person to share memories and times spent together with the one who has died.
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Fleur Fluency
A poem by Evelyn Judy Buehler
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