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family ties

around the clock 
busy loading up the dock 
the usual 9-5
except in your life
it's more like all day and night

fast forward to jersey city
commuting through subways
working till sundays
small apartment building
four kids and a love that's unyielding

london in the daytime is so beautiful 
bright lights and smiles so plentiful
but when the moon sets
and it is time to rest
 are you happy with where you are? 

you're all so busy in your own lives
with your own kids and your own wives
and that's okay, that's just life happening
but i can't ignore what other life is shattering
my grandfather, your dad, that helped you where you are now
where are you in his time of need anyhow 
since when did it mean that your life beginning meant dismissing his
when all he's done is raise the whole neighborhood and kids
do you remember feeling like being on top of the world
that's what happens when your dad keeps his word
so i'm only gonna say this once
are you family by blood or by ties
do something before your goodnights to him turn into goodbyes

Copyright © Lareina Racaza