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Cup of Love

It's you 
Cup of love 
I sip each morning
I create you
And consume you
Every day
I froth you 
Grind you 
Tamp you down
I extract all there is
From your little bean
Stir it into your frothy foam
And that first sip of heavenly you
Makes me love living 
Yesterday I noticed
Your heart rose to the surface
After my first morning kiss
And I took a picture to show the world
Someone loves me
But when I was cropping and zooming
I noticed what I thought was a black hair
Running over your rim
Gross, was my first reaction
And not mine
(like the ones in my shower, and on my pillow)
Upon further inspection
I realized it wasn't a remnant 
Of what I'd rather forget
But you were cracked 
From top to bottom
And I got the message 
Loud and clear
You're a broken thing
And I had to ask myself
Can only broken things 
Love me?
If so, should I care?
Broken things need love, too
Damn it--I should care
That I can love a broken thing
It's not easy to hold a butterfly and
Not hurt its wings
So fragile 
I can't hold it too close
Even when it's so beautiful 
And feathery soft 
It tickles my heart
Fly--fly away--love
Before I break your wing
Or you waste your magic dust
That keeps you aloft 
On anything that could drag you down
Like this cup that loves me
That I'm sure I broke in some 
Careless, clumsy manner
And never knew, never would have known
Until it fell apart in my grasp to
Be discarded for another
So what do I do?
Quite loving coffee?


Copyright © Steven Young