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The ABC's of Politics (For Better or Words)

The ABC's of Politics (For Better or Words)
(SMILE!  They aren’t misspelled.)

Aboulomania.  Bahadur.  Caducity.  Dapatical.  Ecmnesia.  Fabulist.  Gerrymander.  
Highbinder.  Ideopraxist.  Jobbery.  Kakistocracy.  Lucripetous.  Malversation.  Nomocracy.  
Obrogate.  Papyrocracy.  Quadrennium.  Raconteur.  Satisdation.  Talliate. 	
Unconsentaneous.  Vacillate.  Wondermonger. Xenogenous. Yare. Zabernism.

That's Today's Politics Just for You!
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The ABC’s of Politics (For Better and Words) 

A-- aboulomania    (pathological indecisiveness)
B-- bahadur 	(self-important official) 
C-- caducity	(being of a transitory or impermanent nature)  
D-- dapatical 	(lavish; sumptuous; costly)
E--ecmnesia 	(loss of memory of the events of a specific period)
F-- fabulist 	(one who invents fables)
G – gerrymander    (to divide electoral districts for one's own political gain)
H – highbinder  (scheming or corrupt politician)
I-- ideopraxist 	(one who is impelled to carry out an idea)
J-- jobbery (the conduct of public business for private gain.)  
K-- kakistocracy   (government by the worst)
L-- lucripetous  (eager for gain)
M--malversation (corruption in office; corrupt administration; misconduct)
N-- nomocracy  (government based on legal system; rule of law)
O-- obrogate 	(to alter the law by passing a new law)
P-- papyrocracy  (government by newspapers or literature)
Q— quadrennium (period of four years)
R-- raconteur 	teller of anecdotes
S-- satisdation	provision of security  
T-- talliate 	to impose a tax
U-- unconsentaneous 	not in agreement
V— vacillate 	fluctuate in opinion or resolution  venal 
W—wondermonger (one who promises miracles)
X—xenogenous (due to an outside cause)
Y-- yare (marked by quickness and agility; nimble; prepared; easily)
Z-- zabernism (misuse of military authority; bullying)

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