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October Dawn-October Dusk

Dawn's light gained gently in the east,
casually erasing the remnant of a fine, misty 
fog away from a deep and enfolding night.
The eastern skies rang out, a bell choir 
peeling, in gold and strawberry light.
Shades of pastel glory painted themselves against
the last thread-gray clouds along the skyline. 
Flawless sunlight soon won the day,
as did the pristine autumn air, which embraced 
each visitor with soft, subdued whispers.

This day, from the first breaking beams of light
until the final fading glow of its passing sun, spoke of
the season's transcendent splendor.
Perceptive visitors sought to take each breath
of air with solemn purpose, opening
the eyes of their inner self; experiencing
each new and unfolding vista of life 
and nature in rapt wonder.

We are fortunate to have witnessed many
grand entrances and exits of the sun and seasons
in their deliberate arc. On this morning 
and evening, many were moved to tears 
at having been granted the sublime
privilege of knowing we are a part of
the great synchronism of life.

                               October 24th, 2014

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn