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What Is The Worth Of A Person

What Is The Worth Of A Person?
                     By Charles Gerald Patrick Chard 2nd
                       Gavri Hanits Hazaka Abir Selek 2nd

What is the worth of a persons life?,
Shall we be remembered for our many efforts and strife?,
What can we do to we remembered well after we die?,
Will we be remembered, perhaps with a sye?,
In life we remembered once and a while,
Those who have passed over, Perhaps a persons smile,
Perhaps a memory of who they once were,
Perhaps very hard to remember giving your mind a stir,
A thought from your past of kindness you've been,
Of a person you've loved, a thought of glee,
Remembering what a person once said,
Or visiting a grave of someone dead,
Stating your sorrow and your gruef,and regrets
Telling them you miss then, and yet... ,
They can not hear you nor understand what you say,
Then so leaving that place, going your own way,
So what is the worth of a person now gone,
To leave a mark on the soul of one who lives on,
To share love and kindness of all we come to know,
To be remembered in life without fanfare or show.

Copyright © Charles Gerald Patrick Chard 2nd