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The Butterfly

Enroling  you a worm (cumbersome and)
hairy, you- scimitar of leaves
Knows the pain ,writhing pupae
Abandoned and convicted
Constricted hanging straightjacket
Squirming like a jackrabbit
Gagged nocturnally -  blindfold humility
Rejected by those mocking moths
and jealously believing left the key

Both found our grace on bended knees
..left there dangling from a tree..

Unhinge now those spinakers of glory
Pretty - flaky- flinder
Streaked in splatters paint
Dust of the fairies
Gaze at me with criss-cross eyes
Innocent beauty oh ye butterfly

Spiny antennae, stretching out transmitters
Taking flight so easily
Flitting off with no goodbyes
To a newer afternoon over there

Dashing in the sun
Kneeding and gouging all those zinnias
Joy! Slurping up the nectar
Whisky! Tequila! Brandy and Champagne!
Swops them for a chorus of pansies
Dancing blooming flowers
Crazy blessed colours
Bouncing delight.- erratic in flight
Dodging in between the bees

O enchanted mystic butterfly
Only pausing for a while
Hold me in your spell
For you walked that crooked mile

Linger in this dream
So seldom comes to see
Just as you, my timepiece too
Is coiled in spring
A dustpuff within the wind

Specked all  over  pollen confetti
Envied now by every moth
Suicidal circle - one kamikaze candle
Seared and singed  and slowly fried
Getting what theyre vetted for

But the sun his laughing in his sky
Beseeching all the yet to open flowers
Awake !Awake!
An angel is coming by

Copyright © Jannie Breedt