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The Green Man

The Green Man

Mirror of a man in nature 
Swayer in the faerie golden age
Viewed now mere pastiche  

Almost forgotten but a still power to enchant
Accept his largesse a gift it is devoid of slant

Strong as any tired worshiped god all demanding
Country a walks pleasure our mutual understanding

But hear me now 
Listen and ignore at your peril 

Who makes you drive fast – it’s he 
Wicked vivacious and most un PC

Air of expectation and congenial good cheer 
A carousing a love of cider and cool beer

Country in old oaks and strange village Morris dance
Carnal a man and woman’s amorous springtime romance

Shame trapped in towns no power of green
A rare golden coin neither sought nor seen

But relax and enjoy there’s no shame nor disgrace
Late afternoons warm sun his pleasure on your face

Copyright © Nigel Fox