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television is a government conspiracy
they're trying to indoctrinate a certain segment of the nation
those susceptable as they sell soap with pseudo sex 
mixed with an un-healthy dose of dis-information

they are introducing our youth  to indifference
eager young minds fertile for seeding
but for a flood of info-mercials and false information
soon those young  minds will require rapid weeding

innocents  are being indoctrinated with what they think is success
"buy this car because it's got a hot blonde behind the wheel"
and corporations are aware of what they're doing they just won't confess
and god knows, every product on T.V. is a really great deal

corporate america and entertainment companies are now one
both have the very same motivation in mind
images these kids watch made to to taunt with temptation
and the only immune ones are the deaf, dumb and blind
    (c) 2011....~free cee!~ Phreepoetree 

Copyright © jeffry cohan