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I must say
This, my dream, now seems
Not a series of unrelated happenings
In course of a night’s sleep

But were surrealistically constructed
From life’s timeless values lay
Hidden in my invisible keep

Various dream parts    such as
Love    decay    old age    and death are
Called up in metaphor –

A hand reaching    muddy floor
Noise    confusion    and
Knocks on a door

I left for the city on foot
Clear and bright the day
Straight and sure the way

Within     though      Giganticus is
Misty and dark
Many buildings in decay

I’m lost 
In a maze of winding streets
With nary a friendly face to greet

I wander through buildings
In and out      in and out
Too numerous to count

Till    at last    through one door
I espy a counter section
With a sign – “We give directions”

“Oh thank heaven,” I cry – reach out –
“There is a God
And he is good.”

Alas as I step forth
There came a flood
Filling my way with blackest mud

Hindered thus in Giganticus
I tried cross the room to shout
“I’m lost    want to go home    which way out?”

But the relentless mud
Continued to flow
Doors now are locked    no place to go

Past life flashed before my eyes
And to my horror
Came four knocks on the building door

Up!    Up!
Wake up!    Wake up!

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin