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Repping my poetry

Various haters, wishing upon me, no success,
I visualize the opposite, in a blessed narrative as I speak,
With ill skill, repping my poetry, massive success I seek,
Writings for miles, mindful thoughts I keep, no need to be tweaked,
Foreseeing you retreat back to your TV and couch, so take a seat,
My style will defeat you with high temperatures of heat!
Left my throne, thrown from above the clouds, my lyrics are sound,
Reunited and bound to Sacred Ancient Formula’s, 
Coming to destroy ya, uncovering divisions, under a hidden layer, 
Ancient knowledge comprehended in vivid visions, 
No divisions, Creative energy in fine intellectual human form and living, 
Reincarnated from the distant past from an empire shattered and torn,
Brought fourth to this present time, ready get set, my job is to inform,
My thoughts are powerful like a violent category five storm,
Bringing a plague of locusts, ready to swarm, we go large!
Mighty men of old we stand tall and take charge!
Living in a world with technology, information on supercharge,
Prophesied in scriptures, we have been told,
Heard by a few, not distracted by gold, unfolding the deceit, 
My feet grounded, founded upon a solid structure,
About to rupture, on the earth I walk upon, 
But this society functions wrong, I run from decay, 
Monday to Friday, eight to five, fries my mind as I feel I need to hide,
But I’m sweet, as I meet those chosen, 
My thoughts have risen, dodge collisions, 
Giving wisdom to make decisions,
My mission is long, 
Learning from when I do wrong,    
Mindful in a sick world I feel I don’t belong, 
A strong sacred keeper of my word, 
Not too worried if it’s not heard,
I’m a bird at flight,
At great height,
Narrative’s with insight, 
Here to provoke you,
Stoke the fire within you!

Copyright © Quincy Mac