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Eating Out and Saying Grace

 There we all were, around the table while
my oldest son offered up his prayer
once more to the God he creates,
as I have done those years ago,
when all of us could squeeze that venerable
omniscient glory into one (rather noisy)
tiny space.

We, loving each other, held hands of course,
never murmering dissent--I asked myself,
"Why not?" there was a god somewhere.
No! Not "a" god...  there was GOD! (damn it)
and no "where" that I could place.
Not a thing, no superanimal, NOTHING
I might ever think about. How dare I?

But sure.
I'm thankful. I do agree each one of us
should be. To whom, you say?
Even if we trust that every paramecium
will be a being--what of that?
God is a being, too?  Sorry.
Much too big for that.

My tablemates might wonder
just what brand of faith I claim.
Beloved, I have no religion left in me.
We may, of course acknowlege God
as we acknowlege us; we are the same.
Is there an "us?"

The fries are so
delicious here.

Copyright © Robert Ludden