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My mother told me

My mother told me
One day you’ll meet a girl
And she, ill be your heaven
In this cruel world

My mother told me
That when she comes
Her voice like a princess
From a magical kingdom

But my heart told me
That true love will arrive
True love is the treasure
That’s so precious in life

And I think I saw her
Thousands of miles away
In a foreign city
They call Bandar Sunway

And she’s always smiling
She’s a one of a kind
Because she’s an angel
A gift to mankind

My mother told me
 Give more than you take
And goodness will follow 
What ever road you make

And her mother told her 
You leave me as a girl
The next time I see you
A woman will unfold

And she told her mother
I will make you proud
And her mother holds her
 And they both hug

And my mother told me
You got to fight for your dreams
Because if you don’t 
It will melt like ice cream

And no body told
That I will feel like this
She wakes up emotions
I never know exist

And as long as the sky
Are a shade of blue
Until we meet
My heart belong to you

Copyright © kasim ishmael