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Birds of Bliss

She’s my woodpecker, she’s my humming bird, she’s my goat sucker, my fly catcher, my skylark, my swallow, my blue jay, my sandpiper, my blackbird, she my kestrel, my petrel, my quail, she’s my nightingale, she’s my eagle, she’s my owl, she’s my falcon, my canary, my parakeet, my parrot, my bobolink, she’s my beautiful fowl, with them bushy, sexy eyebrows -n- that gorgeous rare smile, she’s worth the wow, she’s the woman I love, she’s my duck, she’s my swan, she’s my dove, my robin, my wren, my cuckoo bird, my cardinal, my oriole, my nutritious queen from whom I’m nurturing, sucking passion -n- love’s potion out both her breast, I stare into her eyes, while she’s nursing me, she’s my pelican, she’s my goose, she’s my mocking bird, she’s my loon, a bumble bee, mistaken her as a flower, from the earthly scent of her perfume, she’s my atmosphere, when we kissed, every bird I just named, artfully-n-seductively watched us make love in the mist of rocks, grass, dirt-n-sticks, denuded in God’s enormous, superb, sultriest wilderness, yes his wilderness of birds of bliss.

Every bird I named represents our bliss, represents
The way we kiss, the way her vagina hugs this d*ck, each bird
Represents every stroke, every inch, 4 this woman is
My all that exist, 4 she’s my bird of bliss, that 
Will fly North, East, South, or West, 4 this d*ck denuded
In God’s enormous, superb, sultriest wilderness
We represent birds of bliss

Copyright © Nakym Sheffield