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I Didn't Think You Would Become My 'Old Friend'

We said goodbye once more inhibiting specificity as certain levels of significance tend to bring too much complexity we both know it 
with the 4 years of back and forth like the seasons we 
were shifting but always coming back to the same place every time you left I believed we would never meet 
again but this choice is not just for us to make
There was some more remarks to make
And the particularity of your humour was supposed to
make me hold on to my smile again
even long after 
I thought today was going
to be filled with reflection and
memories but it was a little 
more for both of us and even though 
you're supposed to go home 
This time
with someone new in your life
The goodbye we've said feels very similar
to those from the past perhaps 
this familiarity will bring something 
good to us 

Copyright © Laura Labno