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Requiem for a Seahorse

On a sultry, sizzling July day
I swear it happened just this way
In a tidal pool, a lifeless seahorse lay

He’d not galloped to meet his fate
But was caught in a wave’s cruel wake
High tide retreated, closed the gate

Oh, to have seen him in his prime
Not corralled by diminishing brine
But free to romp near the shoreline

Confined, he withered, but sparked some thought
Of the delight he might have brought
If, for an aquarium, he’d been bought

Tenderly, I cupped his sad remains
And placed him into the sea again
Where others of his kind were still in reign

Yet, before I could utter my last goodbye
A sudden movement caught my eye
In shock, my elation began to amplify

Kissed by cool sea, this sleeping equine
Proved the strength of his endangered bloodline
By swimming away from the sandy coastline

A once-in-a-lifetime moment for me
I cheered aloud as he trotted out to sea
So ponder this and I’m sure you'll agree

This magical rebirth is a lesson to share
When you think life is beyond a prayer
Just give it some help; hope is still there

*April 17, 2018

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire