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This 1 is for and on behalf of you and countless others

Tonight i come i write as not me
but for thee

With fashioned , gifted , borrowed , 
lender pen

On behalf of or partial to other's 
those who no longer , longer nigh

As raven , ashen , dust , decaying
are they having had their life their
day in earthly court

So if yee dead have something
wished for i to say

Then speak through me drive my
hand force my pen your story tale
to tell , lest it be left untold

Tell me of the very moment a tear
drowned trickle beaming smilling 
upon your face

Whence i your first born baby
entered exited head a first

What joy it was or felt to be
a father of a new born innocent
infant birthed

To witness wife as mother screaming
crying tears of joy handed cradling
child on breast so close and tender
to chest

Tonight i write impartial on and
for the family swelling tree's behalf

As fallen leaf in felling autumnal
setting each leaf asides

Like only running water son or
daughter , mother , father can
like water the influence of ink
doth feel

For love of one another once
crosses tears apart 

Till sitting in a garden shed
in silent contemplation is 
the only hobby worth of

Once stationery becomes one
tool swapping spade for pen
in a den of ubiquity

And the waterfall the quill still
wetting is fallen fateful closely

With imagery to overcome and
match said sorrow both head
to head and face on face

Terminating in everlasting , restful
grace for all and everyone no less

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty