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A Comic Strip Cartoon

One day in mid June, in far off Rangoon.
    The hand drawn baboon, a comic cartoon,
    Was flown to the moon, by hot air balloon.
    Then late afternoon, while in his pontoon.
    A massive monsoon, blew like a typhoon.
    He fired his harpoon, what's next! sometime soon.

    4/ 28/ 2017.

    ( The last adventure of baboon continued )

    With Mayday maroon, tied to his galoon
    He ditched his cardoon, but ate the dried prune.
    It was oppotune, with some good fortune.
    He missed a sand dune, and surfed the lagoon.
    Then with a soup spoon, rowed home to Cancun.
    He now plays basoon, in some old saloon.

    This was added after the contest was judged.
    The first of May twenty seventeen.

Copyright © George Seal