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clothes rent worn sackcloth foggy divided shades

clothes rent worn sackcloth foggy divided shades
gallivant the Gwerthrynion dynasty ruling Powys, Vespasian's
Caesarea a Roman colony Severus' matropolis Origen's elegance, incensed
Bassus' treatise an acephalous treatise                                   written Atilius Fortunatianus wrote
an Eucharistic moon celebrated                sons of nobles bewailing         succeeding riots Persius' poems
Bassus edited captured Caesarea a Hasmonean king gesticulated stories
favourable to Agathocles, Paetus to Armenia                             consul 61 surrendered to Parthians
Syria's governor appointed in 70 dirt Commagene's kingdom invaded annexed
to Rome in 72 smiles posed                      Agathocles' sackcloth hanged shaded
prophesies comfortable cakes offered to Demeter, Persephone prostrated
Eusebius' days of harvest                         cakes are delicious are sacrificial
given sacrificed animals                     acephalous animals athirst wearing no
clothes dadouchos Callias extravagant Callias victorious ?f????t?? fallen
over Spartan holites proxenos            Callias funeral obscured, frustrated
Vitellius, frowning fighter's quizzical eyes, simple Vespasian vexed
flipped, obliged Titus to worship Vespasian, lost virginity partially

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